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Pope Justus of Alexandria


Justus of Alexandria
Pope of Alexandria & Patriarch of the See of St. Mark
Papacy began118
Papacy ended19 June 129
Personal details
Died19 June 129
Alexandria, Egypt
BuriedBaucalis, Alexandria
DenominationChurch of Alexandria
ResidenceSaint Mark's Church
Alma materCatechetical School of Alexandria
Feast day19 June (12 Paoni in the Coptic Calendar)

Pope Justus, sixth Pope of Alexandria & Patriarch of the See of St. Mark.

This saint was an honorable and learned man before his ordination. He was baptized by St. Mark the Evangelist, along with his father, his mother and others.[1] St. Mark also appointed him as the first Dean of the Catechetical School of Alexandria.[2] St. Anianus, the second patriarch, ordained him a deacon, then a priest, and appointed him to preach, and teach the people. He was chosen for the papacy to succeed Pope Primus. He shepherded his people with the best of care for ten years. He departed on the 12th of Paoni 129 AD, in the sixteenth year of the reign of Hadrian, and was buried with his fathers.


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