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Polish Uruguayans

A Polish Uruguayan is a Uruguayan citizen of full or partial Polish ancestry.

The Polish arrived in Uruguay at the end of the 19th century.[1] The most recent figure is from the 2011 Uruguayan census, which revealed 497 people who declared Poland as their country of birth.[2] Other sources claim around 5,000 Poles in Uruguay.[1]

Most Polish Uruguayans belong to the Roman Catholic Church; they have their own chapel in the Atahualpa neighbourhood. There is also a significant Polish Jewish minority.[3]

Polish Uruguayans have two important institutions: the Polish Society Marshal Joseph Pilsudsky (Spanish: Sociedad Polonesa Mariscal José Pilsudski), established in 1915, and the Uruguayan Polish Union (Spanish: Unión Polono Uruguaya), established in 1935,[1] both associated with USOPAL.[4]

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