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Virus classification e
(unranked): Virus
Realm: Riboviria
Phylum: Negarnaviricota
Class: Ellioviricetes
Order: Bunyavirales
Family: Phenuiviridae

Phenuiviridae is a virus family belonging to the order Bunyavirales established by ICTV in 2016.[1] Ruminants, camels, humans, and mosquitoes are the known hosts of members of this negative-sense single-stranded RNA virus family. Of the four genera, Phlebovirus is the only genera that includes viruses that infect humans and are associated with known disease in humans (e.g. Rift Valley Fever Phlebovirus).[2]

Molecular Biology

Members of Phenuiviridae are enveloped viruses with helical capsid morphology. Envelope glycoproteins of these viruses are distributed with icosahedral symmetry (T=12).[2] Phenuiviridae is a (-ssRNA) negative single stranded RNA virus family.[3] Its genome is segmented into three pieces: L segment (encoding RNA dependent RNA polymerase), M segment, and S segment.[1]

Some members of the family have ambisense gene encoding on the S segment (nucleocapsid proteins). The M segment encodes a polyprotein (envelope glycoproteins) that are cleaved by host proteases. Multiple different proteins are encoded on the M segment made possibly by leaky scanning.

RNA transcripts are capped through cap-snatching, but not polyadenylated. Translation is terminated by a hairpin sequence at the end of each RNA transcript.[2]


Family: Phenuiviridae (Genera and their species)[4]
Genus Species
Goukovirus Cumuto goukuvirus
Gouleako goukovirus*
Yichang insect goukovirus
Phasivirus Badu phasivirus*
Phasi Charoen-like phasivirus
Wuhan fly phasivirus
Wutai mosquito phasivirus
Phlebovirus Bujaru phlebovirus
Candiru phlebovirus
Chilibre phlebovirus
Frijoles phlebovirus
Punta toro phlebovirus
Rift Valley fever phlebovirus*
Salehabad phlebovirus
Sandfly fever Naples phlebovirus
SFTS phlebovirus
Uukuniemi phlebovirus
Tenuivirus Echinochloa hoja blanca tenuivirus
Iranian wheat stripe tenuivirus
Maize stripe tenuivirus
Rice grassy stunt tenuivirus
Rice hoja blanca tenuivirus
Rice stripe tenuivirus
Urochloa hoja blanca tenuivirus

Table legend: "*" denotes type species.


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