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Phantom vehicle

A "haunted truck" at a Halloween event

A phantom vehicle is a supposed ghostly or haunted vehicle, common in urban legends and entertainment. The stories often describe cars that operate with no visible driver.

Types of phantom vehicles

Cars and trucks

  • In 1982, two people in Lanikai, Hawaii reported seeing a mysterious black car which disappeared and reappeared again a second later.[1]
  • An unknown Buick driver was being chased by the cops. They started to swerve to evade the police. Later the car took a left turn and the Buick was on the other side of a closed fence
  • 1960s car that had bumper stickers; the witness passed the car but it mysteriously reappeared ahead of the witness's car at several stoplights. Also the witness noticed that the driver was a man in his teens and that he never turned his head and he never moved the steering wheel when the man drove around the "dead man's curve" the witness said.[2]
  • 2004, In Cape Town, South Africa, a Renault Mégane[3] sedan mysteriously rolled up an embankment and hit a fence, despite the fact that the handbrake was engaged and the engine was off. Some say the car was "jumping".[4]
  • In the mid-1980s, three people in a sedan reported seeing a gray van heading straight towards them. Then suddenly the van vanished.[5]
  • The Curse of "Little Bastard": the 1955 Porsche 550 Spyder in which James Dean died is said to be cursed after the accidents in which it has been later involved.[6]
  • In Australia, there is a story of the ghost truck of Kaniva where a driver was 'driven through' by a mysterious, 1940s' style big rig truck painted green.
  • In Germany, a car mysteriously started up by itself and rammed a wall.[7]
  • In 2000, an eyewitness claimed that an old truck started up by itself and blinked at him as he walked past an old house.[8]
  • Early 1980s - a British motorist crashed his car in order to avoid a truck that suddenly appeared coming straight towards him and then vanished.[9]
  • The curved road at the junction of St. Marks Road and Cambridge Gardens in Ladbroke Grove was reported to be haunted by a phantom bus with a route marker "7" which caused numerous accidents, one of which was fatal. The reports subsided when the area of road was straightened.[10]



  • In 1997, eyewitnesses from the eastern USA claimed they saw a single-engine plane crash. But when the coast guard searched the waters off Connecticut, they could not find any wreckage or bodies. Also none of the airports reported any planes missing.[14]

Boats and ships

  • The Flying Dutchman, a ship manned by a captain condemned to eternally sail the seas, has long been the main legend of ghost ships.
  • The Mary Celeste is perhaps the most historically famous derelict.

Popular culture

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