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Perema language

Native toNigeria
RegionAdamawa State
Native speakers
(5,000 cited 1989)[1]
Language codes
ISO 639-3wom
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Wom, or Perema, is a Leko language of Nigeria.


Consonants are:

m n [ŋ]
b d ɟ ɡ ɡb ~ ɡʷ
p t c k kp ~ kʷ (ʔ)
f v s z ʃ ʒ x (h)
l j w

/ŋ/, and only /ŋ/, appears geminate. /ʔ/ is rare, perhaps borrowed. /h/ is known from one word, not borrowed.

Vowels are /i e ɛ a ə ɔ o u/. All may be doubled, but there are no long vowels. /a/ is neutralized to /ə/ in all but final position.

Tone is probably high, low, and falling, as in Chamba Leko.


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