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Per Olof Christopher Aurivillius

Per Olof Christopher Aurivillius
Per Olof Christopher Aurivillius.jpg
Born (1843-01-15)15 January 1843
Died 20 July 1928(1928-07-20) (aged 85)
Nationality Swedish
Scientific career
Fields Entomology

Per Olof Christopher Aurivillius (15 January 1843, Forsa – 20 July 1928) was a Swedish entomologist.


Christopher Aurivillius was born at Forsa, Sweden. He was the director of the Natural History Museum in Stockholm and he specialised in Coleoptera and Lepidoptera. He was, for a long time, the secretary of the Royal Swedish Academy of Science . His brother was the zoologist Carl Wilhelm Samuel Aurivillius (1854−1899) and his son the zoologist Sven Magnus Aurivillius (1892−1928).

He was the author of Part 39 Cerambycidae: Cerambycinae (1912) and Parts 73 and 74. Cerambycidae: Lamiinae (1922, 1923) in: S. Schenkling (ed.), Coleopterorum Catalogus. W. Junk, Berlin, 1000 + pages. Also Rhopalocera Aethiopica (1898), major contributions to Adalbert Seitz's Die Großschmetterlinge der Erde Band 13: Abt. 2, Die exotischen Großschmetterlinge, Die afrikanischen Tagfalter, 1925 and many papers on the Lepidoptera of Africa and Über sekundäre Geschlechtscharaktere nordischer Tagfalter Stockholm (1880) a work on moths[verification needed].

Plate from Nordischer Tagfalter

Aurivillius was also the permanent secretary of Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences from 1901–1923.

Papers on African Lepidoptera

  • Aurivillius, 1893 "Diagnosen neuer lepidopteren aus Afrika" Entomologisk tidskrift 14: 199-214
  • ———, 1894 "Beiträge zur Kenntniss der Insektenfaun von Kamerun. 2. Tagfalter" Entomologisk tidskrift. 15: 273-314
  • ———, 1898 "Diagnosen neuer Lepidopteren aus Afrika" Entomologisk tidskriftr. 19: 177-186
  • ———, 1898 "Neue Nymphaliden aus dem Congogebiete Öfvers" K. Vetensk Akad. Förh. Stockh. 54: 279-286
  • ———, 1901 "Diagnosen neuer Lepidopteren aus Afrika" Entomologisk tidskrift. 22: 113-128


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