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Pembroke City Council

Pembroke City Hall, where council meets.

The Pembroke City Council is the governing body of the Corporation of the City of Pembroke, Ontario, Canada. It is composed of five councillors, one mayor and one deputy mayor.[1]

Current council


Elections are held every four years, per the Ontario Municipal Elections Act.[2] Councillors are elected by the electorate at large; that is, without geographic divisions. The mayor is also directly elected.

2006 elections

Results from 2006 municipal elections:[3]


Candidate Votes Elected
Ed Jacyno 3,208 X
Bob Bimm 2,123


Candidate Votes Elected
Les Scott 3,130 X
Patricia Lafreniere 3,019 X
Dan Callaghan 2,946 X
Shirley White 2,734 X
Gary Severin 2,551 X
Terry O'Neill 2,527 X
Bob Hackett 2,364 X
Cheryl Lowe 2,229 X
Bill Higginson 2,190
Terry Demers 2,186
Irene Perrault 1,754
Brad Barta 1,395
Rick Macdonald 1,293
Dean Fuisz 1,249
Sandra Lubimiv 1,223


For the 2009 fiscal year, council approved a municipal budget of $29.3 million CA$. As of 2009, the Corporation's debtload is $15.95 million.[4]


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