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Pawaia language

RegionPapua New Guinea
Native speakers
(4,000 cited 1991)[1]
  • Aurama (Turoha, Uri)
  • Hauruha
Language codes
ISO 639-3pwa
Pawaia language.svg
Map: The Pawaia language of New Guinea
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Pawaia, also known as Sira, Tudahwe, Yasa, is a Papuan language that forms a tentative independent branch of the Trans–New Guinea family in the classification of Malcolm Ross (2005).


Pawaia is spoken in:[4]


Although Pawaia has reflexes of proto-Trans–New Guinea vocabulary, Ross considers its inclusion questionable on available evidence. Usher classifies it instead with the Teberan languages. Noting insufficient evidence, Pawley and Hammarström (2018) leave it as unclassified rather than as part of Trans-New Guinea.[6]

Pawley and Hammarström (2018) do not consider there to be sufficient evidence for Pawaia to be classified as part of Trans-New Guinea, though they do note the following lexical resemblances between Pawaia and proto-Trans-New Guinea.[6]

  • emi ‘breast’ < *amu
  • in ‘tree’ < *inda
  • su ‘tooth’ < *(s,t)i(s,t)i


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