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Paul Ray Ramsey

Paul R. Ramsey
Ramzpaul with Cohost Tina and Rebecca Hargraves. 2019.gif
Born1963 (age 55–56)
United States
ResidenceTulsa, Oklahoma[1][2]
Other namesramzpaul, RamZPaul
OccupationVlogger, YouTube personality, public speaker

Paul R. Ramsey (also known as ramzpaul and RamZPaul) is an American vlogger, YouTube personality and public speaker[3][4][5][6]

The New York Times has described Ramsey as a "popular alt-right internet personality"[7] and Media Matters for America and The Forward called him a "White Nationalist".[8][9] However, Ramsey has repeatedly denied being a White Nationalist. According to the Swiss Basellandschaftliche Zeitung Paul Ramsey belongs to the 9 most important representatives of the alt-right.[10] He has been a speaker at the American Renaissance Conference.

According to journalist Philipp Löpfe, Ramsey uses comedy to convey a far-right message.[11] He caused controversy with a tweet involving Kelly Marie Tran, who played Resistance mechanic Rose Tico in the 2017 movie Star Wars: The Last Jedi.[12][13] Published on April 1, 2019 Ramsey evoked an angry reaction with a post on Twitter and following YouTube-video about his controversial opinion on shaking hands with women.[14]

Young Paul Ray during his college break in 1984


In 2016 Ramsey was a featured speaker at a November 2016 National Policy Institute conference, an organization founded by alt-right spokesman Richard B. Spencer.[15] However, following the National Policy Institute's 2016 conference, Ramsey, "a blogger who flirts with white nationalism," disassociated himself from Spencer because of Spencer's Nazi associations, saying, "You don't want to tie your brand to something that's ultimate evil."[16][15]

In December 2017, Ramsey announced that he was partnering with Ron Unz and his video content would now be available on The Unz Review.[17]


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