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Patron saints of the military

List of patron saints associated with the military.

The Eastern Orthodox Church considers Demetrius of Thessaloniki, Theodore Stratelates, Theodore of Amasea, and John the Warrior to be the patron saints of the military.[5] Saint Nicholas is the patron saint of the Russian navy; all naval cathedrals are dedicated to this saint. Finally Prophet Elijah is the patron Saint of the Hellenic Army Aviation Arm.

The Russian Orthodox Church has a number of patron saints associated with the military. Some of them are the same or similar to Catholic saints.[6] [7]

  • Saint Barbara: artillerymen, military engineers, missileers including those of the Strategic Rocket Forces, the Missile and Artillery Forces, and the Air Defense Forces, Space Forces.
  • Michael the Archangel: military; paratroopers; policemen; Heavenly guardian of the Russian Lands.
  • Saint George:soldiers, cavalry.
  • Saint Alexander Nevskiy: soldiers protecting Russian Lands, National Guard of Russia, Spetsnaz.
  • Saint Dimitry Donskoy: soldiers, armored troops.
  • Saint George: soldiers and all people protecting the nation, and Patron Saint of the city of Moscow.
  • Saints Aleksandr Peresvet and Andrey Oslyabya: Radonezhskiy holy monk-warriers.
  • Saint Nikita the Warrior (Vesoron): Orthodox soldiers.
  • Saints Boris and Gleb, holy orthodox princes of Russia: soldiers.
  • Saint John the Warrior: soldiers.
  • Saint Merkuriy of Smolensk, warrior-martyr: soldiers.
  • Saint Evgeniy Sevastiyskiy, warrior-martyr: soldiers.
  • Prince Vladimir, Patron Saint of the National Guard of Russia
  • Saint Iliya Muromets: Border Guards.
  • Saint Feodor Stratilat: Orthodox soldiers.
  • Saint Savva Storozhevskiy: the Air Force.
  • Saint Feodor Ushakov: the Navy, including nuclear submarines.
  • Saint Andrew: Navy.
  • Holy Prophet Isaiah: Russian Airborne Troops
  • Saint Seraphim of Sarov: Nuclear Warhead Specialists (12th GUMO)
  • Saint Martin of Tura: cavalry.


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