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Patheingyi Township

Patheingyi Township

Township of Mandalay
Patheingyi Township
Skyline of Patheingyi Township
Patheingyi Township is located in Myanmar
Patheingyi Township
Patheingyi Township
Coordinates: 21°58′0″N 96°11′0″E / 21.96667°N 96.18333°E / 21.96667; 96.18333
Country Burma
Time zoneUTC6:30 (MST)
Area code(s)2 (mobile: 69, 90)[1]

Patheingyi Township (Burmese: ပုသိမ်ကြီးမြို့နယ်, pronounced [pəθèiɴdʑí mjo̰nɛ̀]) is located in the eastern part of Mandalay, Myanmar. The township is bounded by Aungmyethazan Township and Chanayethazan Township in the west.[2] Incorporated into the Mandalay city's limits, Patheingyi represents the eastward march of Mandalay's urban sprawl. Patheingyi is still largely made up of rice paddy fields but in the past two decades has become home to a number of universities.

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