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Paraguayans in Italy

Paraguayans in Italy
Total population
Various estimates:
Regions with significant populations
Lombardy, Lazio, Emilia Romagna
Italian, Spanish

The presence of Paraguayans in Italy dates back to the 1980s.


In 2010 in Italy there are 1.502 regular immigrants from Paraguay. In 2006 they were 837. The three cities with most number of Paraguayans are: Rome, Verona and Finale Ligure.[1]


The Italians have contributed significantly to the development of Paraguay. At the time of the war waged 130 years ago from the Triple Alliance formed by Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay against Paraguay, many Italians emigrated to Paraguay recently volunteered in the ranks of Marshal Francisco Solano López, the president of the South American country.

Approximately 9,000 were Europeans as migrants in Paraguay, devastated by the Paraguayan War, in the late 19th century and over a third were Italians, mainly from the provinces of Lombardy (especially from Bergamo) and northern Italy. Since the 1980s, the phenomenon of immigration has brought home many grandchildren of Italian immigrants.

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