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Panchet Hill

Panchet Hill
Panchet - Panchkot.jpg
Panchakot or Panchet Hill
Highest point
Elevation490 m (1,610 ft)
Coordinates23°37′N 86°47′E / 23.617°N 86.783°E / 23.617; 86.783
Panchet Hill is located in West Bengal
Panchet Hill
Panchet Hill
Parent rangeChota Nagpur Plateau

Panchet Hill, referred to in Bengali as Panchakot Pahar, is located in Neturia (community development block) at the north-eastern end of Purulia district, in the Indian state of West Bengal.

The hill

In 1911, H. Coupland had described the hill as follows: “Panchakot or Panchet (1,600 feet) is the most conspicuous object in the north-east of the district, some 35 miles north of Purulia. In shape it is a long crescent like ridge rising to its highest point at its eastern extremity: it is covered with small but dense jungle, with some fine clumps of mango and mahua scattered over the low foothills at its base. At the foot of the eastern face are the ruins of the old palace and fort of the Panchet Rajas, and above and also below them some ancient temples.”[1]

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Panchet Dam

Panchet Dam has been constructed across the Damodar at the foot of the Panchet Hill.[2]


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