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Pan-European University

The Pan-European University
Paneurouni / Paneurópska vysoká škola
RectorProf. JUDr. Ján Svák, DrSc.
DirectorRNDr. Michal Mutňanský
Tomášikova 20, 821 02 Bratislava

The Pan-European University is a private institute of higher education located in Bratislava, Slovakia. It was established on July 14, 2004.


The University in July 2014

Pan-European University is a modern teaching and scientific-research institution, which is committed to the Humboldt idea of higher education grounded on the latest knowledge of science and research focusing on practice. Currently, the school has five faculties: Faculty of Law Faculty of Economics and Business Faculty of Psychology Faculty of Informatics Faculty of Mass Media The school also offers lifelong learning at the University of the Third Age at the Faculty of Law and Faculty of Psychology.

International cooperation

PEU supports the continuous exchange of knowledge, ideas, information, researchers, educationists and students with the world. Since its establishment it cooperates with prestigious foreign universities and research institutions. It is a member of the four world university clusters, it has partnerships under Erasmus+ and other 40 universities. In addition to domestic experts, a high percentage of foreign teachers mainly from the Czech Republic, Austria, Russia, the USA and Hong Kong give lectures at the Faculties. Headquarters of the President and the Faculties Bratislava, Tomasikova 20 – Office of the President, Faculty of Law, Faculty of Psychology Bratislava, Tematinska 10 – Faculty of Economics and Business, Faculty of Mass Media, Faculty of Informatics Bratislava, Nevadzova 5 – Media Centre


Education at the Bratislavska University (Bratislavska vysoka skola) started in 2004 when as the first private university of legal specialization accepted the first students at the Faculty of Law. In 2005, the Faculty of Economics and Business was opened; the next opened ones were the Faculty of Mass Media in 2007 and the Faculty of Informatics in 2009. The youngest faculty of the school is the Faculty of Psychology established in 2011. Since 2010, the school has been called Pan-European University after the paneuropanism (European nationalism) concept, which was represented by Richard Nicolaus Coudenhove-Kalergi (1894-1972) in 1923. There was an announcement in 2015 that the school would be taken over by the Czech holding owned by Miroslav Kurka. Jan Carnogursky left the school in 2014, the school was owned by Russians. The school has been said to struggle with financial problems since 2013.[1]

  • Faculty of Law (2004) focuses on international and European law.
  • Faculty of Economics and Business (2005) prepares students for working in the global economic environment.
  • Faculty of Mass Media (2007). The University has expanded into the field of media studies.
  • Faculty of Informatics (2009) was established as a response to the dynamic developments in information technologies. It is the only private faculty in Slovakia with a focus on applied informatics.
  • Faculty of Psychology is the youngest faculty, which was established in 2011. It is the first and only private faculty of psychology in Slovakia. The education is focused on work and school psychology, but also on social and counselling. [2]

Study programmes

Conference delegates entering the Faculty of Law

PEU has at its five faculties 21 accredited study programmes at all three university levels, both internal and external forms.

  • Faculty of Law offers these study programmes:
    • Law (Bc.)
    • Law (Mgr.)
    • Theory and History of State and Law – Criminal Law – International Law – Civil Law (PhD.)
  • Faculty of Economy and Business
    • Economics and Business Management (Bc.)
    • Economics and International Business Management (Ing.)
    • Economics and International Business Management (PhD.)
  • Faculty of Mass Media
    • Media Communication – Media Design (Bc.)
    • Media and Marketing Communication – Media Design (Mgr.)
    • Media Studies (PhD.)
  • Faculty of Informatics
    • Applied Informatics (Bc.)
    • Applied Informatics (Mgr.)
  • Faculty of Psychology
    • Psychology (Bc.)
    • School and Work Psychology (Mgr.)
    • School Psychology (PhD.)

PEU also offers interdisciplinary education – a possibility of simultaneous study at some faculties in several study programmes in a foreign language, bilingual and multilingual lectures.

PEU four faculties (except Faculty of Economics and Business) are authorized to conduct rigorous examination and defence of thesis. After the successful completion, the particular faculty has right to award degrees. Faculty of Law: Doctor of Laws (abbreviated as JUDr.), Faculty of Mass Media and Faculty of Psychology: Doctor of Philosophy (abbreviated as PhDr.) and the Faculty of Informatics: Doctor of Natural Sciences (abbreviated as RNDr.).[3]

The school has a modern material and technical equipment.

Extra-curricular activities and awards

PEU pays attention to extra-curricular activities of students. Student Club and University Paneuropa Kings hockey team are active at the school. In 2013, the school opened its premises to a permanent exhibition of Karol Kallay, an important Slovak photographer. There is Silencium Fine Arts Gallery exhibition in the building on Tomasikova Street, Bratislava, Slovakia. A school radio began broadcasting in the academic year 2014/2015 and since 2011 the students publish the LIKE University magazine.

An auditorium of the University playing host to a special session of the 2014 World Congress of Comparative Law entitled "The Influence of Systemic Transition on Jurisprudence and Doctrine"

The students and the school have received several prestigious awards at home and abroad for their projects.

  • 2012 – Students of the Faculty of Law received the top award in mediation and 3rd prize of the overall evaluation on simulated commercial arbitration at the City University of Hong Kong.
  • 2012 – A student of the Faculty of Law was awarded the Hospodarske noviny Prize in the Student of the Year contest.
  • 2012 – Students of the Faculty of Mass Media won 1st prize in the category of Arts & Showbiz and the third prize in the category of Sports in the prestigious Slovak Press Photo photographic competition
  • 2013 – The Faculty of Law students received the top award in mediation and third prize as the best speakers and in arbitration to simulate commercial arbitration at the City University of Hong Kong
  • 2013 – Students of the Faculty of Informatics won in Starfit competition with a drone project
  • 2013 – 2nd prize for the Like magazine in the national Sturovo pero competition in the category of University magazines
  • 2014 – 1st prize for the Like magazine in the national Sturovo pero competition in the category of University magazines
  • 2014 – The Faculty of Law students received the top award in the Frankfurt Investment Arbitration Moot Court competition for the best team of Central and Eastern Europe
  • 2015 – 1st prize for the Like magazine in the national Sturovo pero competition in the category of University magazines[4]


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