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Pallava script

Pallava script name.gif
Languages Tamil, Prakrit, Sanskrit
Time period
6th century AD to 9th century AD
Parent systems
Child systems
Grantha, Mon, Khmer, Kawi
Sister systems
Tamil, Vatteluttu alphabet

The Pallava script, a Brahmic script, was developed under the Pallava dynasty of Southern India around the 6th century of AD.

Southeast Asian scripts such as Grantha[1], Javanese[2], Kawi[3], Baybayin[4], Mon[5], Burmese[6], Khmer[7], Lanna[8], Thai[9], Lao[10], Sinhalese,[11] and the New Tai Lue alphabet[12] are either direct or indirect derivations from the Kadamba-Pallava alphabet.[13]


Pallava script at the 8th century Kailasanatha temple in Kanchipuram, Tamil Nadu.

The form shown here is based on examples from the 7th century AD. Letters labeled * have uncertain sound value, as they have little occurrence in Southeast Asia.


Each consonant has an inherent /a/, which will be sounded if no vowel sign is attached. If two consonants follow one another without intervening vowel, the second consonant is made into a subscript form, and attached below the first.

ka kha ga gha nga ca cha ja jha* nya ṭa ṭha* ḍa ḍha* ṇa ta tha
Pallava Ka.svg Pallava Kha.svg Pallava Ga.svg Pallava Gha.svg Pallava Nga.svg Pallava Ca.svg Pallava Cha.svg Pallava Ja.svg Pallava Jha.svg Pallava Nya.svg Pallava Tta.svg Pallava Ttha.svg Pallava Dda.svg Pallava Ddha.svg Pallava Nna.svg Pallava Ta.svg Pallava Tha.svg
da dha na pa pha ba bha ma ya ra la va śa ṣa sa ha
Pallava Da.svg Pallava Dha.svg Pallava Na.svg Pallava Pa.svg Pallava Pha.svg Pallava Ba.svg Pallava Bha.svg Pallava Ma.svg Pallava Ya.svg Pallava Ra.svg Pallava La.svg Pallava Va.svg Pallava Sha.svg Pallava Ssa.svg Pallava Sa.svg Pallava Ha.svg

Independent Vowels

a ā i ī u e o ai* au*
Pallava A.svg Pallava Aa.svg Pallava I.svg Pallava Ii.svg Pallava U.svg Pallava E.svg Pallava O.svg Pallava Ai.svg Pallava Au.svg


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