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Oren Hazan

Oren Hazan
JPG.אורן חזן.jpg
Date of birth (1981-10-28) 28 October 1981 (age 36)
Place of birth Ariel, West Bank
Knessets 20
Faction represented in Knesset
2015– Likud

Oren Asaf Hazan (Hebrew: אורן אסף חזן‎) is an Israeli politician.


The son of former Likud Knesset member Yehiel Hazan,[1] Oren served in the Israeli Air Force during his IDF national service. He studied law at Ono Academic College, where he was chairman of the student union. He later managed a casino in Bulgaria.[2]

Prior to the 2015 elections he was placed 30th on the Likud list,[3] a spot reserved for young candidates.[4] He was elected to the Knesset as Likud won 30 seats.[5]

Hazan lives in the Israeli settlement of Ariel. On 12 February 2017 he married Rinat Kotkovsky, after an engagement lasting just over a month[6]. His first child, a daughter, was born on 28 August 2017[7].


After election to Knesset, Hazan received membership in Foreign Affairs and Defense and the Knesset Committees, from which he was expelled by Likud, following a string of controversies, including a no-show at the plenum meeting, which led to the ruling coalition bill being rejected.[8] Hazan is considered a bad boy politician often getting into trouble with the media and even within his own Likud party. Some of his many antics include pushing in line to shake hands with visiting US President Donald Trump as he landed for a two day visit to Israel in May 2017. Hazan topped this stunt by pulling out his cell phone and taking a selfie with the POTUS. Hazan posted the selfie to his twitter account[9] and very quickly went viral to news websites around the world.

Public Views

Of the Palestinian people, Hazan stated in the Knesset that:- "We're gonna shut your mouths and we're going to speak the truth. There is no Palestinian People. And there has never been a Palestinian People [in Hebrew, Am Ha'Falastinai]. . . ."[10] Hazan said that the Jewish people had been around for 3,500 years since Abraham and Isaac, while the Palestinian people had only been around for 40 years since Yasser Arafat.

In December, 2017, Hazan stopped a bus on its way to Nafha Prison, telling the Palestinian relatives that the prisoners were “terrorists who belong in the ground”. He shouted at one prisoner’s mother that her son was an “insect” and a “dog.” The Red Cross stated that Israel has a duty to guarantee the safety and dignity of Palestinian families visiting prisoners, and that it “takes very seriously what happened today (Monday).”[11]

He endorsed the candidature of Marine Le Pen in the French presidential election, 2017, though the Israeli government officially boycotts her National Front movement.[12]

In August 2017 Jerusalem Post reporter Lahav Harkov posted a list of 10 of Oren Hazan's most outrageous moments.[13][14][15]


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