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Operation Weak Meat

The Operation Carne Fraca or Operation Weak Meat in Brazilian media in English (Portuguese for meat of minor quality), is an action enforced by the Federal Police of Brazil, the Brazilian federal police, started on March 17, 2017 which investigated some of the country's largest meat processing companies.

The company JBS S.A.,[A 1] holding the trademarks Seara Alimentos, Swift Armour, Friboi and Vigor and also the BRF company, holding the trademarks Sadia and Perdigão are accused of having mixed rotten meat treated with chemical components into meat sold in Brazil and abroad.[1]

As a first consequence, more than 30 meat inspectors were fired.[2][3] They allegedly allowed rotten meat to be sold, dates of expiration to be altered, disguised meat of poor quality, and mixed potentially carcinogenic chemical substances - according to Agência Nacional de Vigilância Sanitária (Anvisa), sorbic acid and the not for use authorized Vitamin C.[4]

Economical impact

Brazil is the leading exporter of beef, poultry and also fourth largest pork exporter.[5] Brazil's world market share in this business is about 7.2%[6] The BRF Holding, which is controlled by Sadia and Perdigão, exports poultry to 120 countries, having a world market share of about 14%. Economy's observers as Bloomberg News expect a loss of market share of up to 10%.[7]




The main topic in national publications is the impact on economy.[8]


President Michel Temer announces an investigation and invites ambassdors to steak dinner.[9]

Brazil's government shut down three plants and suspended the export licenses for 21 meat packing plants too.[10]

On 18 May 2017 the newspaper O Globo[11] reported, that the owner of JBS secretly recorded president Michel Temer giving him hush money to buy the silence of a potential witness against Temer.[12]

International echo

  • First import ban was announced.[17]

Mexico,[18] China, Chile, Japan, and Hong Kong suspended all meat imports from Brazil. The European Union is banning meat from any plant that is implicated in the case.[19]


In July 2017 Eumar Roberto Novacki, Brazilian secretary of state, in Geneva tried to convince european meat importers that brazilian meat was of high quality. At the same time, new information on bribery of meat inspectors were published[20] .[21]

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