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OSN Movies

OSN Movies
OSN Movies 2013.jpg
Launched 1996
Owned by OSN Network
Country  UAE, Dubai
Sister channel(s) OSN News
OSN Sports
  • Channel 1 (OSN Movies First, HD)
  • Channel 2 (OSN Movies First +2, HD)
  • Channel 4 (OSN Movies Action, HD)
  • Channel 5 (OSN Movies Action +2, HD)
  • Channel 6 (OSN Movies, HD)
  • Channel 7 (OSN Movies +2, SD)
  • Channel 9 (OSN Movies Thriller, HD)
  • Channel 10 (OSN Movies Thriller +2, SD)
  • Channel 13 (OSN Movies Festival, HD)
  • Channel 15 (OSN Movies Kids, HD)
  • Channel 16 (OSN Movies Disney, HD)
  • Channel 17 (OSN Movies Comedy, HD)
  • Channel 31 (OSN Movies Box Office 1, HD)
  • Channel 32 (OSN Movies Box Office 2, HD)
  • Channel 33 (OSN Movies Box Office 3, HD)

OSN Movies is a series of premium movie channels provided by OSN for the MENA market. The channels include content such as the latest Hollywood films of various genres from major companies such as Disney, 20th Century Fox, Warner Bros., Sony Pictures Entertainment, Universal Pictures, MGM, and DreamWorks Animation.

List of OSN Movie channels

  • OSN Movies HD
  • OSN Movies +2
  • OSN Movies Action HD
  • OSN Movies Action+2 HD
  • OSN Movies Thriller HD
  • OSN Movies Thriller+2
  • OSN Movies First HD
  • OSN Movies Pop Up HD Marvel
  • OSN Movies Festival HD
  • OSN Movies Kids HD
  • OSN Movies Comedy HD
  • OSN Movies Disney HD
  • OSN Movies Box Office 1 HD (PPV)
  • OSN Movies Box Office 2 HD (PPV)
  • OSN Movies Box Office 3 HD (PPV)

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