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Created byVadossi
Main ingredientsHazelnuts, sugar, vegetable oils, cocoa powder

Nudossi is a brand-name of a hazelnut bread spread manufactured by the company Vadossi.[1]

In its plastic container with a red lid, Nudossi is the best-known product of the Vadossi company. Well known as a product during the German Democratic Republic (GDR), the production of Nudossi began again in the spring of 1999 after a pause in production which lasted several years. Nudossi is often known as "Ost-Nutella" ("East German Nutella"), despite the fact that the recipe today differs vastly from the recipe used in the GDR. Nudossi contains 36% hazelnuts in comparison to Nutella which contains 13% hazelnuts.


Sugar, hazelnuts (36%), oils from plant sources, low-fat cocoa powder, low-fat milk powder, lecithin, aroma, salt. Nutritional facts: per 100 grams 2218 kJ (531 kcal); 31% fat.


The company Vadossi has been in existence since 1923 in Radebeul near Dresden. The company went bankrupt and was purchased in 1994 by the company Sächsische Spezialitäten Hartmann GbR. This company has produced Nudossi again since 1999. When the banks refused to open fresh credit lines for the purchase of raw ingredients for Christmas confectionaries, the company was forced to declare bankruptcy on 25 July 2005. After receiving financial assistance, the company was able to resume production on 8 August 2005.

Brand-name history

After the original GDR-era trademark of the name Nudossi expired, the Mitteldeutsche Rundfunk renewed the trademark in 1996. In the spring of 1999 the trademark name was sold to the Sächsische Spezialitäten Hartmann GbR.

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