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Norwich and District Saturday Football League

Norwich and District Saturday Football League
Norwich Business Houses League.png
Number of teams12
Feeder toAnglian Combination Division Five
Current championsHethersett Old Boys (Division One)
Wensum Albion (Division Two)
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The Norwich and District Saturday Football League is a football competition based in England. It has a total of 1 division catering for 12 teams. The league is a feeder league to the Anglian Combination.

The league is affiliated to the Norfolk County Football Association.

The league is one of the oldest competitive leagues within Norfolk and can have up to 80 teams competing at any time from within a radius of 15 miles of Norwich Castle.

Over the last few years, steps have been made within the league to change the look, feel and competitive nature of the league. The two divisions have been shaped to create a more competitive nature and raise standards of football throughout. In 2000 it was decided to drop the 'Business Houses' side of the name that was historically linked to the number of major companies in and around Norwich, but have since disappeared. The league also wanted to focus on the fact that the league is the only true Norwich based league in Norfolk.

Member clubs 2015–16

The league's current member clubs are as follows:

Recent divisional champions

Season Division One Division Two Division Three
2009–10 Yelverton Jubilee Rangers Costessey Crown Reserves
2010–11 Drayton University of East Anglia 'A’ Circle Anglia
2011–12 Marlborough Old Boys Circle Anglia Drayton Reserves
2012–13 Jubille Rangers University of East Anglia 'A’ One Love United
2013–14 Marlborough Old Boys One Love United Dyers Arms
2014–15 Marlborough Old Boys Norman Wanderers NA
2015–16 Hethersett Old Boys *Formally Marlborough Old Boys Wensum Albion NA


List of Division One League Champions

Year Division One Winners
1924–25 Universal
1925–26 Wincarnis
1926–27 Norwich Union
1927–28 St Edmunds
1928–29 Bolton & Paul
1929–30 Bolton & Paul
1930–31 St Andrews Hospital
1931–32 St Andrews Hospital
1932–33 St Andrews Hospital
1933–34 Frosts Athletic
1934–35 Sexton Sons & Everard
1935–36 St Andrews Hospital
1936–37 Sexton Sons & Everard
1937–38 CNSOBU
1938–39 CNSOBU
1939–40 CNSOBU
1940–46 No competition due to World War II
1946–47 Norwich Union
1947–48 Norwich Union
1948–49 Albert Sports
1949–50 Albert Sports
Year Division One Winners
1950–51 Albert Sports
1951–52 Costessey
1952–53 Costessey
1953–54 Thorpe Hamlet
1954–55 St Lukes
1955–56 Trowse Villa
1956–57 Trowse Villa
1957–58 Trowse Villa
1958–59 Trowse Villa
1959–60 Trowse Villa
1960–61 Sprowston Athletic
1961–62 Sprowston Athletic
1962–63 Henderson United Reserves
1963–64 Lomax
1964–65 NCC staff
1965–66 Carrow
1966–67 St Andrews Hospital
1967–68 West Earlham
1968–69 Norwich Yeoman
1969–70 Bowthorpe United
1970–71 Lomax
Year Division One Winners
1971–72 Lomax
1972–73 Lomax
1973–74 Lomax
1974–75 Blyth Jex
1975–76 Harford
1976–77 Lomax
1977–78 Harford
1978–79 Marlborough
1979–80 Boundry Inn
1980–81 Boundry Inn
1981–82 The Grove
1982–83 Diamond H Controls
1983–84 Diamond H Controls
1984–85 Diamond H Controls
1985–86 Hellesdon Hospital
1986–87 Cricketers Arms
1987–88 Marlborough
1988–89 Marlborough
1989–90 Norwich United A
1990–91 Anglian Windows
1991–92 Anglian Windows
1992–93 University of East Anglia
Year Division One Winners
1993–94 University of East Anglia
1994–95 University of East Anglia
1995–96 University of East Anglia
1996–97 Rangers
1997–98 University of East Anglia
1998–99 University of East Anglia
1999–2000 University of East Anglia
2000–01 University of East Anglia
2001–02 Earlham
2002–03 Earlham
2003–04 Earlham
2004–05 Earlham
2005–06 Earlham
2006–07 University of East Anglia
2007–08 Drayton
2008–09 University of East Anglia Reserves
2009–10 Yelverton
2010–11 Drayton
2011–12 Marlborough Old Boys
2012–13 Jubilee Rangers
2013–14 Marlborough Old Boys
2014–15 Marlborough Old Boys
2015–16 Hethersett Old Boys *Formally Marlborough Old Boys*



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