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Northern Alta language

Northern Alta
Native toPhilippines
Native speakers
200 (2000)[1]
Language codes
ISO 639-3aqn
Northern Alta language map.png
Area where Northern Alta is spoken according to Ethnologue

Northern Alta (also called Edimala) is a distinctive Aeta language of the mountains of northern Philippines. It is not close to Southern Alta or to other languages of Luzon.

Jason Lobel and Laura Robinson have also done fieldwork on Northern Alta in 2006 (Lobel 2013:87).

Geographical distribution

There are Northern Alta speakers known as Edimala who live in the Sierra Madre along the river valleys that flow out to the Baler plain in Aurora Province. The Northern Alta also reportedly live in Dibut, on the coast south of Baler municipality, and north of Dicapanisan. Reid (1991) collected Northern Alta data from a speaker of Malabida, who was visiting in Bayanihan, an Ilongot-speaking barangay north of Maria Aurora, Aurora at the edge of the Sierra Madre. Ethnologue also reports that Northern Alta is spoken in San Luis, Aurora.

Reid (1994)[3] lists the following locations for Northern Alta.


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