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Noor Mohammad Nooruddin

Mausoleum Syedna Nooruddin,Mandvi

Noor Mohammad Nooruddin (Arabic: نور محمد نور الدين‎) was 37th Dai-al-Mutlaq (vicegerent) of the Dawoodi Bohra Community, a subsect of Shia Islam. His mausoleum is located at Mandvi, India and known as Mazar-e-Noorani. People of Dawoodi Bohra Community come here in large numbers for Ziyarat (a kind of paying tribute).[1][2]

Noor - Mohammad Nooruddin was born in Jamnagar in the era of his great-grandfather, the 34th Dai Syedna Ismail Badruddin bin Mulla Raj.

Nooruddin served his father, Kalimuddin, with devotion, and aided him in conducting the Dawat. Kalimuddin entrusted him with executing all the affairs of Dawat, appointed him in the rutba of Mazoon, and made him also his Mansoos.

When Kalimuddin died in 1122H/1710 AD, Nooruddin became Da'i al-Mutlaq.[3] His period of Dawat was 1122-1130 AH/ 1710-1719 AD (Death: 4 Rajab 1130). He left behind three young children under the age of eight.

His dawat office was Mandvi, India and his associates were:

Mawazeen: Qasimkhan bin Hamzabhai, Ismail Badruddin bin Sheikh Adam

Mukaserin: Abdul Qadir Hakimuddin bin Bawa Mulla Khan, Esamkhan, Dawoodbhai

his successor after a long period was 51st dai taher saifuddinRA 52nd dai sayedna mohammed burhanuddinRA 53rd dai muffadal saifuddin TUS


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Preceded by
Musa Kalimuddin
37th Dā'ī al-Mutlaq
1122–1130 AH/ 1711–1719 AD
Succeeded by
Ismail Badruddin II