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New York State Executive Department

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The New York State Executive Department is the department of the New York state government that serves as the administrative department of the Governor of New York.[1] This department has no central operating structure; it consists of a number of divisions, offices, boards, commissions, councils, and other independent agencies that provide policy advice and assistance to the governor and conduct activities according to statute or executive order. Its regulations are compiled in title 9 of the New York Codes, Rules and Regulations.

Among others, it includes the:


At the time of the New York's 1920s constitutional reforms, the Executive Department—headed by the Governor—housed only a few core functions such as budgeting, procurement, the state police and military and naval affairs.[5] Since that time, numerous agencies have been created within the Executive Department to accommodate governmental functions not anticipated in the 1920s, while conforming with the limits established by the Constitution.[5] These additions include divisions and offices that do not logically fit into the framework of the other departments, such as the Division of Veterans' Affairs (which advises veterans on services, benefits and entitlements, and administers payments of bonuses and annuities to blind veterans) and the Office of General Services (which provides centralized data processing, construction, maintenance and design services as well as printing, transportation and communication systems).[5]


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