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New York State Commission on Judicial Conduct

State Commission on Judicial Conduct
Commission overview
JurisdictionNew York
Commission executives
  • Joseph W. Belluck, chair
  • Robert H. Tembeckjian, administrator
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The New York State Commission on Judicial Conduct is an eleven-member panel with authority to discipline judges of the New York courts. The Commission is constitutionally established to investigate and prosecute complaints filed against New York judges.[1]


The commission receives complaints, investigates and makes initial determinations regarding judicial conduct. The Commission may privately caution or publicly admonish, censure a judge, remove from office, or mandatorily retire a judge found guilty of misconduct. The Commission's decisions are subject to review by the New York Court of Appeals, upon a judge's request, which may confirm or reject the Commission's findings of misconduct, and reduce or increase a recommended sanction.[2][3]

The rules and regulations of the commission are compiled in Title 22, Subtitle C, Chapter V of the New York Codes, Rules and Regulations (NYCRR), whereas the rules concerning review by the Court of Appeals are compiled in Title 22, Subtitle B, Chapter I, Subchapter D of the NYCRR.


Commission members are judges, lawyers and non-lawyers appointed by the Governor, the Chief Judge, and leaders of the New York State Legislature.[4][5][6]

Commission Members[7] Appointed By First Appointed Current Term
Joseph W. Belluck, Esq., Chair Governor Andrew M. Cuomo 2008 2016–2020
Paul B. Harding, Esq., Vice Chair Assembly Minority Leader Brian M. Kolb 2006 2017–2021
Jodie Corngold Governor Andrew M. Cuomo 2013 2013–2019
Hon. John A. Falk Chief Judge Janet DiFiore 2017 2017–2021
Taa Grays, Esq. Former Senate Minority Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins 2017 2017–2020
Hon. Leslie G. Leach Chief Judge Janet DiFiore 2016 2016–2020
Hon. Angela M. Mazzarelli Chief Judge Janet DiFiore 2017 2018–2022
Hon. Robert J. Miller Governor Andrew M. Cuomo 2018 2018–2022
Marvin Ray Raskin, Esq. Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie 2018 2018–2022
Akosua Garcia Yeboah Governor Andrew M. Cuomo 2016 2017–2021

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