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Neuromedin U receptor

neuromedin U receptor 1
Alt. symbolsGPR66
NCBI gene10316
Other data
LocusChr. 2 q37.1
neuromedin U receptor 2
Alt. symbolsNMU2R
NCBI gene56923
Other data
LocusChr. 5 q33.1

The neuromedin U receptors are two G-protein coupled receptors which bind the neuropeptide hormones neuromedin U and neuromedin S.[1] There are two subtypes of the neuromedin U receptor, each encoded by a separate gene (NMUR1, NMUR2).

Selective Ligands

Neuromedin U is an agonist at both the NMU1 and NMU2 subtypes, while neuromedin S is selective for NMU2, and is a more potent agonist at this subtype than neuromedin U.[2][3] Several other peptide and non-peptide ligands are also available for the NMU receptors.


NMU2 selective


NMU2 selective


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