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Navneet Aditya Waiba

Navneet Aditya Waiba
Background information
Born Kurseong, Darjeeling
Genres Nepali Folk, Tamang Selo
Occupation(s) Nepali Folk Singer
Years active 2016-present
Labels OKListen

Navneet Aditya Waiba (Nepali:नवनीत आदित्य वाइबा) is a Nepali folk singer from Darjeeling, India and daughter of Legendary Nepali folk singer the late Hira Devi Waiba. Hira Devi Waiba is hailed as the pioneer of Nepali folk songs.[1]


Navneet Aditya Waiba lives in Siliguri, Darjeeling, India. Navneet sings traditional Nepali folk songs in collaboration with Nepali folk band Kutumba from Kathmandu. She is a former senior flight purser and served with Cathay Pacific Airlines, Hong Kong. Satya Waiba, her brother, produces and manages the music.[2][3][4][1][5]

“I would like to inspire the younger generation to go back to the roots we belong to. I feel that the songs will bring back those memories.” -Navneet Aditya Waiba[2]

Musical career

After their mother's death in 2011,[6] the brother and sister duo decided to re-arrange and re-record her songs and in 2015 they handpicked Hira Devi Waiba's most iconic and popular songs for this album. They named the album 'Ama Lai Shraddhanjali - Tribute to Mother' and released it on 3 November 2017 in Patan Museum, Kathmandu, Nepal.[7][8][9][10][11]


Album Ama Lai Shraddhanjali(CD, digital download, online radio)
No. Title Length
1. "Aye Syangbo" 4:23
2. "Chuiya ma Hah" 4:12
3. "Dhankuta" 4:07
4. "Ramri ta Ramri" 3:27
5. "Jhilke Naachayko" 4:23
6. "Phariya Lyaaidiyechan" 4:35
7. "Kahu Bela" 1:23
Total length: 23:30

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