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Natogyi Township

Natogyi Township
Myingyan-Mandalay road within Natogyi Township
Myingyan-Mandalay road within Natogyi Township
Natogyi Township is located in Myanmar
Natogyi Township
Natogyi Township
Coordinates: 21°25′N 95°39′E / 21.417°N 95.650°E / 21.417; 95.650
Country Burma
DivisionMandalay Division
DistrictMyingyan District
 • Total481.2 sq mi (1,246.3 km2)
Time zoneUTC+6:30 (MMT)

NwarHtoGyi Township is a township of Myingyan District in the Mandalay Division of Burma Natogyi (Burmese: နွားထိုးကြီး; MLCTS: {{{MLCTS}}}).


In the Myanmar year 763 (1401/02), the town was called "Nwa_Dho" (Burmese: နွားဓိုရ်) as a village. Its meaning comes from Nwa = Cow and Dho = Herd, so the village which herds the cow according to some researchers. Some named the village as Nwa_To (Burmese: နွားတိုး) meaning Nwa = Cow and To = Prospered because the villager prospered by breeding the cow. There is a presumption as the name was changed Nwa_Dho to Nwa_To to Natogyi described by the Shin_Pin_Tha_Dohn_Oo pagoda's bell inscription in 1267 in Myanmar era (1905 A.D). It was demarcated by 6 wards, 64 village tracts and 186 villages by the order No. 103/49 branch(1) by the Ministry of Home Affairs and Religious Affairs on July 31, 1972.


Natogyi township administration is under the Myingyan district under the Mandalay Regional Division. It is located between the latitude 21° 17' 34" North and 21° 38' 42" North and between longitude 95° 27' 54" East and 95° 58' 32" East. The Map Code is L085995.


Natogyi township is bordered with Myittha Township to the east, Myingyan Township to the west, Ngazon Township to the north and Taungtha Township, Mahlaing Township and Wundwin Township to the south.


The area of township is 481.20 sq miles, 307968 in acres. It is long 30 miles and 3 furlons from east to west and wide 22 miles and 2 furlons from north to south.


The township is located in the middle dry zone of the country and the average temperature of the township is 41 °C highest and 36.1 °C lowest. The raining days per year is 32 to 55 days and the rainfall is 21 to 43 inches.