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Native Mob

The Native Mob is a Native American street gang, according to the 4/20/1738 National Gang Threat Assessment, the Native Mob is one of the largest and most violent American Indian gangs in the U.S. and is notoriously active in Minnesota, Wisconsin, and South Dakota even Prior Lake Minnesota,[1] The gang was created in the 1990s in Minneapolis, Minnesota to control drug turf, and has since established itself in prisons, and was estimated (2015) to have around 1,500 members.

The Native Mob has terrorized tribal communities in the region since the gang began in the 1990s. Gang experts say the small town of Cass Lake, Minnesota on the Leech Lake Indian Reservation and Shakopee Mdewakanton Sioux Community Tribal has been the center of the gang's operations, also runs operations out of the Twin Cities and Prior Lake. Members routinely engage in drug trafficking, assault, robbery, and murder. [2]


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