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National Prohibition Party (UK)

National Prohibition Party
PresidentHarold Goldsmith (1900s-1940s)
First SecretaryAxel Gustafson
FoundedDecember 1887 (1887-12)
NewspaperThe Prohibitionist
International affiliationWorld Prohibition Fellowship

The National Prohibition Party was a minor party in the United Kingdom which advocated the prohibition of alcohol.

The party originated in 1887. In April, Axel Gustafson put an advert in the Christian Commonwealth magazine listing a manifesto closely based on that of the American Prohibition Party.[1] A preliminary conference was held in May, presided over by the Reverend G. Brooks and the Reverend Frederick Hastings.[2] The party was officially founded in December, and joined the World Prohibition Fellowship.[3]

The party maintained a low level of activity and did not run a candidate in a parliamentary election until the Whitechapel and St George's by-election, 1923.[3] S. M. Holden stood for the party in the by-election, and gained the backing of Scottish Prohibition Party Member of Parliament Edwin Scrymgeour,[4] but he took only 130 votes and lost his deposit.[3]

From 1933 until 1949, the party published the journal Prohibitionist. It dissolved in or soon after 1949.[3]


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