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National Programme on Technology Enhanced Learning

NPTEL online
National Programme on Technology Enhanced Learning
Type Educational
Focus Science, Engineering(All Branches)
  • Chennai
Method Video and Web resource

The National Programme on Technology Enhanced Learning (NPTEL), a project funded by the Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD),[1] provides e-learning through online Web and Video courses in Engineering, Sciences, Technology, Management and Humanities. This is a joint initiative by seven IITs and IISc Bangalore. Other selected premier institutions also act as Associate Partner Institutions.

NPTEL is a curriculum building exercise and is directed towards providing learning materials in science and engineering by adhering to the syllabi of All India Council for Technical Education[2] and the slightly modified curricula of major affiliating Universities. It has developed curriculum based video courses and web-based e-courses targeting students and faculty of institutions offering UG engineering programs.[3]

Main objective of NPTEL

The main objective of NPTEL is to make learning material available to students of engineering institutions through easier means. The broad aim of the project is to facilitate the competitiveness of Indian industry in the global markets through improving the quality and reach of engineering.

History of the Programme

The idea of having a Technology enhanced learning initiative involving IITs and Indian Institutes of Management (IIMs) was first proposed by IISc Bangalore in the year 1999 immediately following a Workshop on Technology Enhanced Learning (WoTEL) conducted in Bangalore in collaboration with Carnegie Mellon University (CMU), Pittsburgh, USA. Following that, a significant infrastructure for the production of video-based teaching material by the institutes was set up. As of June 2017, approximately 1200+ video courses and web-based courses have been developed by the faculty members of these institutions.

About the Courses

NPTEL provides online courseware in the form of web courses and video lectures. These lectures utilize a multitude of facilities of the video medium such as chalk-and-talk, tablet writing, power point, two and three dimensional animations, interactive codes, etc. Each course comprises approximately 40 video lectures of about 1 hour duration. An online discussion forum is incorporated wherein students can post and review questions. Wherever applicable, course assignments, handouts, self-evaluation tasks, etc. have been integrated. Workshops are routinely conducted for institutes, students, mentors, etc. under the auspices of NPTEL.


There are approximately 1200+ courses in various disciplines currently being offered across Engineering, Sciences, Technology, Management and Humanities.[4] Some of these disciplines are mentioned in the table below:

Aerospace Engineering Biotechnology
Agriculture Chemical Engineering
Architecture Chemistry and Biochemistry
Atmospheric Science Mathematics
Basic courses Mechanical Engineering
Civil Engineering Metallurgy and Material Science
Computer Science and Engineering Mining Engineering
Electrical Engineering Ocean Engineering
Electronics and Communication Engineering Physics
Engineering Design Textile Engineering
Environmental Engineering
Humanities and Social Science

  • Transghuoiyucript (pdf format)
  • Subtitles to all videos

Upcoming Features:

  • Search within the video
  • Local language translations
Text Transcription

NPTEL Local Chapter

Local Chapter is an initiative taken by the project NPTEL, to encourage students across the country and ensure that online education reaches everybody. Local Chapter is a simple process, a faculty of the college would be our single point of contact (SPOC). NPTEL team keeps the SPOC updated about all the latest NPTEL initiatives and information which he can disseminate among the students. As of June 2017, there are approximately 1000 colleges across the country who have joined as Local Chapters.

Access to the Courses

One may access these courses utilizing any of the following methods:

  • Through the official NPTEL website These videos may be downloaded in MP4, FLV and 3gp formats.
  • As video streams on demand through YouTube They can be downloaded using any browser add-ons.
  • Institutions may provide hard disks and receive copies of these courses free of cost at the NPTEL office, IIT Madras.

Individuals who are unable to download lectures due to bandwidth constraints may purchase the video courses in DVDs from BodhBridge Educational Services Private Limited, Chennai, by paying a nominal fee that covers the cost of 2 DVDs and shipment logistics. (Contact: [email protected])

Participating Institutions

The course contents for NPTEL have been created by the following Indian elite institutes:

Impact of NPTEL

NPTEL contents are being used by various educational institutions as part of their teaching-learning process. While faculty members are using these contents as part of their lesson plan to teach university curriculum, students are using NPTEL not only to prepare for technical jobs and competitive exams, but also as a platform for constant learning and updating knowledge for the ever-changing environment and market realities. NPTEL contents are designed such that they enhance and complement students’ residential learning experience at their given institutions.

Certification Courses

Certification courses are offered by NPTEL in association with industry partners like Aricent, NASSCOM and Google. Currently, 159 courses are available for certification.

Exams are being conducted twice a year which aim at bridging the gap between academia and industry. On successful completion of the course, an in-person, proctored exam can be taken by paying a nominal fee. Those who pass the exam will be awarded a certificate.

GATE Preparation using NPTEL Material

GATE (Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering) is IIT's competitive entrance exam for Master's and Doctoral programs across India.[5] NPTEL provides GATE question papers and mock tests on its official website Previous 3 year question papers with reference to NPTEL content are available. Practice tests (without solution) are also available for students that mimic the actual online exam pattern.


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