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National Colon Cancer Awareness Month

National Colon Cancer Awareness Month
Observed byUnited States

National Colon Cancer Awareness Month is an annual celebration observed in the United States during the month of March, to increase awareness of colorectal cancer. In the United States it is organized by the Colorectal Cancer Alliance."[1]


National Colon Cancer Awareness Month (or National Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month) in the United States was first established via Presidential Proclamation,[2] signed by William Jefferson Clinton on February 29, 2000.


A National Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month proclamation was issued by President Barack Obama for three years between 2014-2016.

The manner of celebration for national colon cancer awareness month varies, but many organizations host special events to help engage their local communities in raising awareness, such as with the Dress in Blue Day promoted by the Colorectal Cancer Alliance.[3]


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