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Nanjing Forestry University

Nanjing Forestry University
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EstablishedSanjiang Normal College, 1902.
Nanjing Forestry College, 1952.
Nanjing Technological College of Forest Products, 1972.
Nanjing Forestry College, 1983.
Nanjing Forestry University, 1985.
PresidentFuliang Cao (曹福亮)
Academic staff
Location, ,
32°04′51″N 118°48′41″E / 32.08083°N 118.81139°E / 32.08083; 118.81139
CampusUrban: Xuan'wu campus
Suburban: Huai'an campus [1]
Colours     NFU-Green
Nickname南林 南林大 NFU NJFU (in Chinese) (in English)
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Nanjing Forestry University
Simplified Chinese南京林业大学
Traditional Chinese南京林業大學

Nanjing Forestry University[2][3](NFU or NJFU, simplified Chinese: 南京林业大学; traditional Chinese: 南京林業大學; pinyin: Nánjīng Línyè Dàxué. Chinese abbr. 南林大 or 南林) is an institution of higher learning in Nanjing, China. It is jointly run and administered by central government of Jiangsu Provincial Government. It is a Chinese Ministry of Education Double First Class Discipline University, with Double First Class status in certain disciplines.[4]


The origin of the university can be traced back to the Forest Departments of Jinling University and Central University. In 1952, Nanjing Forestry College was established after the merger of the Forest Departments from Wuhan University, Nanchang University, and Hubei Agricultural College. It was renamed Nanjing Technological College of Forest Products in 1972. It adopted the current name in 1985.

Schools and departments

  • College of Forest Resources and Environment
  • College of Materials Science and Engineering
  • College of Chemical Engineering
  • College of Mechanical and Electronic Engineering
  • College of Civil Engineering
  • College of Economics and Management
  • College of Humanities and Social Sciences
  • College of Information Science and Technology
  • College of Landscape Architecture
  • College of Science
  • College of Foreign Studies
  • College of Art Design
  • College of Furniture and Industrial Design
  • College of Light Industry Science and Engineering
  • College of Automobile and Traffic Engineering
  • Graduate School
  • College of International Education
  • College of Applied Technology
    NFU old library
  • College of Continuing Education
  • Nanfang College
Globe sculpture in NFU

Key labs

Key Open Laboratory of Forest Genetics and Biotechnology the State Education Administration
Key Open Laboratory of Forest Genetics and Gene Engineering the State Forestry Administration
Key Open Laboratory of Ecological Engineering the State Forestry Administration
Key Open Laboratory of Wood Processing and Wood-based Panels Technology the State Forestry Administration
Key Open Laboratory of Chemical Processing ofForestProducts the State Forestry Administration
Key Laboratory of Wood Processing and Wood-based Panels Technology Jiangsu Province
Key Laboratory of Forest Genetics and Gene Engineering Jiangsu Province
Key Laboratory of Forestry Ecological Engineering Jiangsu Province
Key Laboratory ofForestBiomass Fuels and Chemicals Jiangsu Province
Key Laboratory of HarmfulPestInvading Preventing and Controlling Jiangsu Province
Key Laboratory of Poplar Germplasm Innovation and Variety Improvement Jiangsu Province
Key Lab of Pulp and Paper Science and Technology Jiangsu Province

Research centers

Research Center of Fast-growing Trees and Agro-fiber Material Engineering Jiangsu Province
Research Center of Environment and Development Jiangsu Province
Research Center of Ecological Economics Jiangsu Province
Research Cente rof Harmful Pest Invading Preventing and Controlling Jiangsu Province
Nanjing Research Center of New Forest Seeds Breeding Engineering and Technology Jiangsu Province
Nanjing Technological Center of Further-Processing Equipments for Agricultural Products Jiangsu Province
Measurement and Testing Center of Woodand Wood Products Jiangsu Province
Research Center of Furniture Product and Design Jiangsu Province
Engineering Center of Processing Technology and Equipments for Agricultural and Forestry Products Jiangsu Province
Engineering Center of Cultivation and Utilization of Special Economic Plants Jiangsu Province
Autumn in NFU
Cherry Blossom Avenue
A place in NFU

Research Institutes

Research Institute of Bamboo Research Center of Bamboo Engineering
Poplar Research and Development Center Research Center of Forest Biotechnology
Research Institute of Forest Protection Institute ofForest Resources Information
Research Center of Environmental Science and Engineering Research Institute of Garden Plants
Research Institute of Economic Plants Research Institute of Wood-Based Panels
Research Institute of Drying Technology Research Center of Wood Science
Research Center of Furniture and Wood Products Engineering Research CenterofForestPlants Chemical Engineering
Research Center of Pulp and Paper-Making Research Institute of Biochemistry
Research Institute of Mechanical and Electronic Engineering Research Institute of Port and Waterway Transportation
Research Center of Sweet Osmanthus Research Center of Enterprise Management and Development
Research Institute of Social Ecology Center of Modern Logistics
Research Center of Language Application Research Center of Wood Structure Materials and Engineering
Research Institute of Wood Protection Nanjing Research Institute of Food Packing Machinery
Center of Nanjing Optical Electromechanical Science Research Institute of Environmental Arts
Research Institute of Ecological Landscape Architecture Research Institute of Landscape Planning
Research Institute of New Rural Planning Research Institute of Intelligent Control and Robot Technology
Research Institute of Transportation Research Institute of Road and Bridge Engineering
Research Institute of Geotechnical and Underground Engineering Research Institute of Foreign Linguistics and Applied Linguistics
Research Institute of Higher Education Research Institute of Ecological Economics
Research Institute of Environment and Development System Engineering Research Institute of Urban Planning and Design
Research Institute of Wetland Ecology Research Center of Furniture Design
Research Center of Industrial Design Research Institute of Classical Furniture and Mahoney Craft
Research Institute of Ergonomics Research Institute of Vehicle Engineering
Research Institute of Computer Science and Application Research Institute of Test and Control Technology
Research Institute of Polymer Materials Research Institute of Material Physics and Chemistry
Research Institute of Environmental-Friendly Architecture and Structure Research Center of Public Bicycle Service
Research and Development Center of Coastal Resources and Environment Research Institute of Interior Design
Research Institute of Landscape Design Research Institute of Media Art Design
Research Center of Forest Tourism Research Institute of Translation and Culture
Research Institute of Surveying and Mapping Engineering

Agreements For Academic Exchanges and Cooperation

Country Affiliated university Date signed
USA Illinois Institute of Technology July 3, 2012
USA Mississippi State University March 23, 2012
UK The University of Dundee March 21, 2012
Italy Calabria University January 2, 2012
Canada The University of New Brunswick October 25, 2011
Russia All-Russian Plant Quarantine Center October 1, 2010
Japan RIKEN May 13, 2010
UK Northumbria University March 9, 2010
USA The University of Georgia, Athens November 24, 2009
Japan TheTokyo University of Agriculture and Technology September 17, 2009
USA Stephen F.Austin State University May 18, 2009
Japan Shimane University April 1, 2009
USA North Carolina State University February 16, 2009
Vietnam College of Chemistry, Industry and Trade Ministry, VN September 22, 2008
Suriname The Ministry of Physical Planning, Land and Forest Management November 3, 2007
Sweden Department of Chemical Engineering, Karlstad University August 30, 2007
USA Miami University, Oxford, Ohio November 7, 2006
Suriname Anton de Kom University VabSuriname September 1, 2006
USA School of Forestry & Environmental Studies, Yale University May 19, 2006
Sweden Blekinge Institute of Technology April 28, 2006
German Homag Holzbearbeitungs Systeme AG October 26, 2005
Australia LaTrobe University February 20, 2005
Malaysia Institute Putra, Kumpulan Langkawi Resorts November 25, 2004
Finland Tampere Polytechnic October 5, 2004
Russia Voronezh State Academy of Forestry Engineering October 1, 2004
Canada Faculty of Agriculture, Forestry, and Home Economics, University of Alberta June 22, 2004
Singapore Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts June 3, 2004
USA Mississippi State University November 12, 2003
Germany University of Applied Science Rosenheim Germany August 20, 2003
Papua New Guinea Papua New Guinea University of Technology May 22, 2002
Germany Leitz GmbH & Co. KG March 13, 2002
Japan Graduate Schoolof Agricultural and Life Sciences, University of Tokyo March 9, 2002
Germany Technology University of Dresden January 16, 2002
USA Texas A & M University November 8, 2001
Canada Faculty of Forestry, University of Toronto October 15, 2001
Canada Great Lake Forestry Center, Canadian Forestry Service, Natural Resources Canada September 25, 2001
Japan Shimane University September 26, 2000
Finland University of Helsinki May 30, 2000
France Henri Poincare University, Nancy-1 April 25, 2000
Hong Kong Sino-Forest Corporation April 5, 2000
Japan Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology September 10, 1999
Finland Avarte of Helsinki, Finland (Furniture Manufacturer) April 21, 1999
Romania Transilvania University of Brasov April 18, 1999
Canada Forintek Canada Group October 21, 1998
Vietnam Vietnam Forestry University October 9, 1997
Korea Chonbuk National University July 15, 1997
USA North Carolina State University January 30, 1997
Japan Kyoto University October 2, 1996
Japan Kyushu University May 13, 1996

International conferences

Nanjing Forestry University has held 23 international symposia and conferences.

Date Name of Conference
October 2010 International Symposium on Chemical Utilization of Biomass Resources
November 2009 International Conference on Logging and Industrial Ecology
November 2009 The 19th International Wood Machining Seminar
August 2009 The First Global Forum of Ecological Economics in Forestry
July 2009 International Conference on Pine with Disease
November 2008 International Conference on Pulping, Papermaking and Biotechnology on Fiber Plants
October 2008 International Conference on Engineered Wood Products Based on Poplar/Willow Wood
June 2006 The 4th International Poplar Symposium
August 2005 The 9th International IUFRO Wood Drying Conference
October 2004 The 2nd International Symposium on Pulping and Papermaking Technology
October 2004 The 7th International Pacific Rim-Bio-Based Composites Symposium
September 2004 Nanjing IUFRO 2004 Tree Seed Symposium
November 2003 International Conference on 21st Furniture Design and Manufacturing
September 2002 Nanjing International Wetlands Symposium
May 2002 International Forum on 21st Century Higher Education
December 2001 International Conference on Furniture Design and Wood Machinery
October 2001 International Symposium of Utilization of Agricultural and Forestry Residues
October 2000 Sino-Japanese International Symposium on Utilization of Poplar Trees
November 1996 International Symposium on Forest and Environment
April 1995 International Conference on Pulping Technology
October 1994 International Conference on Utilization of Fast-Growing Trees
November 1992 International Symposium on Agro-Forestry
October 1991 International Conference on Tree Seed Measurement
September 1990 International Conference on Processing and Utilization of Forest Products
October 1989 International Symposium on Wood Processing


Academic publications issued by NFU are Journal of Nanjing Forestry University (one edition for natural sciences and the other for humanities and social sciences), China Forestry Science and Technology, and Interior Design + Construction.

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