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Mumuye language

Regionnortheastern Nigeria
EthnicityMumuye people
Native speakers
(400,000 cited 1993)[1]
Language codes
ISO 639-3mzm

Mumuye is by far the most populous of the Adamawa languages. It is spoken in northeastern Nigeria. It is classified in the Leko–Nimbari branch of Savanna languages, as Adamawa is no longer considered a valid family. According to Ethnologue, there are multiple dialects: Zinna, Dong, Yoro, Lankaviri, Gola (Bajama), Gongla, Kasaa, Saawa, Jalingo, Nyaaja, Jeng, Gnoore, Yaa, Sagbee, Shaari, Kugong, Mang, Kwaji, Meeka, Yakoko.


The Mumuye dialect of the town of Zing has the following inventory:

Zing Mumuye consonants[3]
lab. cor. pal. vel. lab.–vel.
nasal m n ɲ ŋ (m͡ŋ)
stop p b t d k ɡ k͡p ɡ͡b
prestopped nasal pᵐ bᵐ tⁿ dⁿ kᵑ ɡᵑ k͡pᵐ͡ᵑ ɡ͡bᵐ͡ᵑ
fricative f v s z ʃ ʒ (?)
nasalized fricative f̃ ṽ s̃ z̃ ʃ̃ ʒ̃
sonorant r j w
nasalized sonorant (j̃)


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