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Mumuye–Yendang languages

eastern Nigeria
Linguistic classificationNiger–Congo

The Mumuye–Yendang languages are a group of Savanna languages spoken in eastern Nigeria. They were labeled "G5" in Joseph Greenberg's Adamawa language-family proposal.


Only Mumuye and Yandang have more than about 5,000 speakers. Blench (n.d.) classifies the languages as follows:[1]

Blench (2009) recognizes four distinct clusters of Yandang languages: Bali-Kpasham, Waka-Yendang-Yoti, Teme, and Gengle-Kugama-Kumba.[2]

Names and locations

Below is a list of language names, populations, and locations from Blench (2019).[3]

Language Branch Cluster Dialects Alternate spellings Own name for language Endonym(s) Other names (location-based) Other names for language Exonym(s) Speakers Location(s) Notes
Mumuye cluster Mumuye Mumuye 103,000 (1952); 400,000 (1980 UBS) Taraba State, Jalingo, Zing, Yorro and Mayo Belwa LGAs
North–Eastern Mumuye Mumuye Mumuye Bajama (Gnoore) and Jeng, Zing (Zinna, Zeng) and Mang, Kwaji and Meeka, Yaa, also Yakoko (according to Meek) Zing group Taraba State, Zing, Yorro and Mayo Belwa LGAs
South–Western Mumuye Mumuye Mumuye Monkin group: Kugong, Shaari, Sagbee; Kpugbong group: Kasaa, Yɔrɔ, Lankoviri (Lankavirĩ, Saawa, Nyaaja, and Jaalingo Taraba State, Jalingo LGA
Pangseng Mumuye Pangseng, Komo, Jega Taraba State, Karim Lamido LGA
Rang Mumuye Taraba State, Zing LGA
Bali Yendang Ị̀báalí Ɓalo, Máyá 1,000 (SIL) Taraba State, Numan LGA, at Bali, a single village south of Jalingo
Kpasam Yendang Passam, Kpasham Nyisam Adamawa State, Numan LGA, one village only, south of Jalingo
Yendang Yendang Yendam, Yandang, Yundum, Nyandang 8,100 (1952); 10,000 (1973 SIL) Adamawa State, Numan, Mayo Belwa, and Karim Lamido LGAs
Yoti Yendang Yoti Adamawa State, Numan LGA
Kugama-Gengle Yendang Kugamma, Gengle Wegam Wegele Small Adamawa State, Fufore LGA no data
Teme Yendang Temme Adamawa State, Mayo Belwa and Fufore LGAs no data
Waka Yendang Adamawa State, Fufore, Mayo Belwa LGAs no data
Kumba Yendang Sate, Yofo Adamawa State, Mayo Belwa LGA no data

Further reading

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