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Muhammad Shiran Khalji

Muhammad Shiran Khalji was a ruler of Bengal from 1206 until 1208.


After the death of Bakhtiyar Khalji the Khalji noblemen of Lakhnaur appointed Shiran as the ruler of the country. Ascending to the throne he invaded armies loyal to the rebel Ali Mardan Khalji and humbled him. But Ali Mardan Khalji fled to Delhi and provoked the Sultan of Delhi to invade Bengal. Ali Mardan accompanied by Kayemaj Roumi the governor of Oudh invaded Bengal and dethroned Shiran Khilji. Shiran Khalji fled to Dinajpur (probably present-day South Dinajpur, West Bengal, India, and not Dinajpur District, Bangladesh) and shortly afterwards died there.[1]


A tomb at Maahishontosh, present day Dhamoirhat Upazila of Naogaon District, just south of present-day South Dinajpur, West Bengal, India, is known as the tomb of Shenapoti (General) Shirin Khalji. The tomb is exceptionally 14 feet long, and beside an antique mosque. This site is around 25 kilometer northwest of Somapura Mahavihara.

Preceded by
Muhammad bin Bakhtiyar Khalji
Khalji Dynasty of Bengal
Succeeded by
Ghiyath-ud-din Iwaz Shah

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