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Movie theaters in the Netherlands

Theater Tuschinski in Amsterdam
Rialto in Amsterdam

There are 137 movie theaters and 31 arthouse cinemas in the Netherlands, with a total of ca. 675 screens,[1] in addition to 79 small arthouse cinemas and a number of adult movie theaters. The main movie theater chains in the Netherlands are Pathé, VUE and Kinepolis.


Pathé Theatres B.V. is part of the EuroPalaces movie theater chain with 75 movie theaters with 730 screens (2004), mainly in France, which in turn is part of Pathé. Pathé Theatres B.V. operates a chain of theaters (most multiplex) in the Netherlands:

  • Pathé Amersfoort in Amersfoort (8 screens)
  • Pathé Arena in Amsterdam (14 screens)
  • Pathé City in Amsterdam (7 screens)
  • Pathé de Munt in Amsterdam (13 screens)
  • Pathé Tuschinski in Amsterdam (6 screens)
  • Pathé Rembrandt Arnhem in Arnhem (5 screens)
  • Pathé Breda in Breda (7 screens)
  • Pathé Delft in Delft (7 screens)
  • Pathé Buitenhof in The Hague (6 screens)
  • Pathé Scheveningen in The Hague (8 screens)
  • Pathé Spuimarkt in The Hague (9 screens)
  • Pathé Eindhoven in Eindhoven (8 screens)
  • Pathé Groningen in Groningen (9 screens)
  • Pathé Haarlem in Haarlem (8 screens)
  • Pathé Helmond in Helmond (5 screens)
  • Pathé Maastricht in Maastricht (6 screens)
  • Pathé de Kuip in Rotterdam (14 screens)
  • Pathé Schouwburgplein in Rotterdam (7 screens)
  • Pathé Tilburg in Tilburg (7 screens)
  • Pathé Rembrandt Utrecht in Utrecht (3 screens)
  • Pathé Zaandam in Zaandam (6 screens)
  • Pathé De Kroon in Zwolle (4 screens)

The largest theaters are Pathé de Munt in the center of Amsterdam (13 screens), Pathé Arena in Amsterdam-Zuidoost (14 screens), and Pathé de Kuip in Rotterdam (14 screens). A Wolff theater with 18 screens will arise in Utrecht, at the Jaarbeurs-side (westside) of Utrecht Centraal railway station. Using Wolff's definition of a megaplex theater, one having 16 or more screens, it will be the first one in the Netherlands.

Pathé sells the Pathé Unlimited Card (PUC) for unlimited entrance to regular showings at all its Dutch theaters for €21 per month (or €29,50 per month including 3D, 4DX, Dolby Cinema and IMAX). The Cineville Pass allows unlimited entrance to regular and most of the special showings at about 40 independent movie theaters in the Netherlands, in Alkmaar, Amersfoort, Amsterdam, Arnhem, Castricum, Den Haag, Deventer, Dordrecht, Groningen, Haarlem, Hilversum, Leiden, Maastricht, Nijmegen, Rotterdam, Schiedam, Utrecht, Wageningen and Zwolle for €21 per month (and a discounted rate of €17,50 for those under 30) .[2] Some Pathé theaters and independent cinema's offer live broadcasting of operas and some concerts. Admission prices are two or three times the regular ones.


There are also seven IMAX theaters in the Netherlands, six of which belong to Pathé.

  • Omniversum, The Hague - IMAX Dome
  • Pathé Arena, Amsterdam - IMAX Laser 3D
  • Pathé Eindhoven, Eindhoven - IMAX Digital 3D
  • Pathé Schouwburgplein, Rotterdam - IMAX Laser 3D
  • Pathé Spuimarkt, The Hague - IMAX Laser 3D
  • Pathé Tilburg, Tilburg - IMAX Digital 3D
  • Pathé Arnhem, Arnhem - IMAX Digital 3D

Table of movie theaters in the Netherlands

Town Municipality Province Theaters with number of screens[3]
's-Hertogenbosch 's-Hertogenbosch North Brabant
Alblasserdam Alblasserdam South Holland
Alkmaar Alkmaar North Holland
Almere Almere Flevoland
Alphen aan den Rijn Alphen aan den Rijn South Holland
Amersfoort Amersfoort Utrecht
Amstelveen Amstelveen North Holland
Amsterdam Amsterdam North Holland De Balie 1,[4] Cavia 1,[4] Cinecenter 4, EYE 2, City [nl] 7. Het Ketelhuis [nl] 3, Kriterion [nl] 3, Melkweg 1, The Movies 4, Pathé ArenA 14, Pathé De Munt 13, Pathé Tuschinski 6, Rialto [nl] 3, Smart Cinema 2, Studio K 2, Tropentheater 1,[4] De Uitkijk [nl] 1
Apeldoorn Apeldoorn Gelderland Vue Apeldoorn 7
Arnhem Arnhem Gelderland Pathé Rembrandt Arnhem 5
Assen Assen Drenthe
Bergen (NH) Bergen (NH) North Holland
Bergen op Zoom Bergen op Zoom North Brabant
Best Best, North Brabant North Brabant
Beverwijk Beverwijk North Holland Cineworld
Breda Breda North Brabant Pathé Breda 7
Castricum Castricum North Holland Corso
Delft Delft South Holland Pathé Delft 7, Filmhuis Lumen
Den Burg Texel North Holland
Den Helder Den Helder North Holland
Deventer Deventer Overijssel Luxor[5]
Doetinchem Doetinchem Gelderland Cinecity
Dordrecht Dordrecht South Holland The Movies
Drachten Smallingerland Friesland
Dronten Dronten Flevoland
Echt Echt-Susteren Limburg
Ede Ede Gelderland
Eindhoven Eindhoven North Brabant Pathé Eindhoven 8, JT Eindhoven 8, Natlab by Plaza Futura 6, Service Bioscoop Zien 5, De Zwarte Doos 1 (University Cinema)
Emmeloord Noordoostpolder Flevoland
Emmen Emmen Drenthe Utopolis 7[6]
Enschede Enschede Overijssel CineStar[7]
Geertruidenberg Geertruidenberg North Brabant
Geleen Sittard-Geleen Limburg
Goes Goes Zeeland
Gorinchem Gorinchem South Holland
Gouda Gouda South Holland
Groningen Groningen (municipality) Groningen Megabioscoop MustSee Euroborg 10 (impressie mustsee),[8] Images 3, Pathé 9
Haarlem Haarlem North Holland Brinkmann 5, Filmschuur 2, Palace 1
Hardenberg Hardenberg Overijssel
Harderwijk Harderwijk Gelderland
Heerenveen Heerenveen Friesland
Heerhugowaard Heerhugowaard North Holland
Heerlen Heerlen Limburg Royal Theater, Filmhuis De Spiegel, H5 theaters
Hellevoetsluis Hellevoetsluis South Holland
Helmond Helmond North Brabant Pathé Helmond 5
Hengelo Hengelo Overijssel Cinema Hengelo[9]
Hilversum Hilversum North Holland
Hoofddorp Haarlemmermeer North Holland
Hoogeveen Hoogeveen Drenthe Luxor[10]
Hoogezand-Sappemeer Hoogezand-Sappemeer Groningen
Hoorn Hoorn North Holland
Houten Houten Utrecht
Huizen Huizen North Holland
Hulst Hulst Zeeland
Kampen Kampen, Overijssel Overijssel
Klazienaveen Emmen Drenthe
Leeuwarden Leeuwarden Friesland
Leiden Leiden South Holland Trianon [nl], Lido/Studio, Kijkhuis
Lelystad Lelystad Flevoland
Lisse Lisse South Holland
Maastricht Maastricht Limburg
Malden Heumen Gelderland
Meppel Meppel Drenthe Luxor[11]
Middelburg Middelburg Zeeland
Naaldwijk Westland South Holland
Nieuwegein Nieuwegein Utrecht
Nijmegen Nijmegen Gelderland
Oostburg Sluis Zeeland
Oosterhout Oosterhout North Brabant
Oss Oss North Brabant
Oudenbosch Halderberge North Brabant
Panningen Peel en Maas Limburg
Purmerend Purmerend North Holland
Reuver Beesel Limburg
Roermond Roermond Limburg Foroxity 7
Roosendaal Roosendaal North Brabant
Rotterdam Rotterdam South Holland Cinerama 7, Lantaren/Venster 5, Pathé De Kuip 14, Pathé Schouwburgplein 7, WORM 1
Schagen Schagen North Holland
Schiedam Schiedam South Holland
Schijndel Schijndel North Brabant
Sittard Sittard-Geleen Limburg Foroxity 8
Sneek Súdwest-Fryslân Friesland
Spijkenisse Spijkenisse South Holland
Stadskanaal Stadskanaal Groningen
Steenwijk Steenwijkerland Overijssel
Terneuzen Terneuzen Zeeland
The Hague The Hague South Holland Filmhuis, Omniversum, Pathé Buitenhof 6, Pathé Scheveningen 8, Pathé Spuimarkt 9
Tiel Tiel Gelderland
Tilburg Tilburg North Brabant Pathé Tilburg 7
Uden Uden North Brabant
Utrecht Utrecht (municipality) Utrecht 't Hoogt, Catharijne [nl], Louis Hartlooper Complex [nl], Pathé Rembrandt 3, City, CineMec Sterrenkijker
Veenendaal Veenendaal Utrecht
Veldhoven Veldhoven North Brabant
Venray Venray Limburg
Vlissingen Vlissingen Zeeland CineCity[12]
Voorschoten Voorschoten South Holland
Waalwijk Waalwijk North Brabant
Wageningen Wageningen Gelderland
Weert Weert Limburg Gotcha! Cinema 5
Weesp Weesp North Holland Filmhuis Weesp 1
Wijchen Wijchen Gelderland Cinema Roma 3
Wijk bij Duurstede Wijk bij Duurstede Utrecht Calypso Theater 1
Winschoten Oldambt (municipality) Groningen Cultuurhuis de Klinker 1
Winterswijk Winterswijk Gelderland Service Theater Skopein 3
Woerden Woerden Utrecht AnnexCinema 4
Zaandam Zaanstad North Holland Pathé Zaandam 6, Filmfabriek De Fabriek 2
Zaltbommel Zaltbommel Gelderland Filmtheater Cinemaarten 1
Zandvoort Zandvoort North Holland Cinema Circus 1
Zeist Zeist Utrecht Figi 4
Zevenaar Zevenaar Gelderland Movie Unlimited 3[13], Filmhuis Zevenaar 1
Zierikzee Zierikzee Sealand Filmtheater Zierikzee 1
Zoetermeer Zoetermeer South Holland Kinepolis Zoetermeer 8, Stadstheater Zoetermeer 1
Zutphen Zutphen Gelderland Luxor Theater 1, Cinemajestic 4
Zwolle Zwolle Overijssel Pathé Zwolle 9 (Dolby Atmos), Filmtheater Fraterhuis 2

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