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مٺي مِٹّھی
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Mithi is located in Sindh
Mithi is located in Pakistan
Coordinates: 24°44′24″N 69°48′0″E / 24.74000°N 69.80000°E / 24.74000; 69.80000
42 m (138 ft)
 • Total150,000 (only within city)[1]
 • Estimate 
Above 150,000
Time zoneUTC+5 (PST)

Mithi Dhatki مِٹّھی , Urdu: مِٹّھی ‎), is the capital of Tharparkar District in the Sindh province of Pakistan. Mithi became the capital of Tharparkar District in 1990, when the district was separated from Mirpur Khas to form a new District.[2] Mithi is one of the very few towns in Pakistan where Muslims do not form a majority. More than 80% of the population in the town belongs to the Hindu community. Both Hindus and Muslims reportedly live peacefully accounting for the lowest crime rate in the town.[3]

Local Language is Dhatki which is one of the Rajasthani languages of the Indo-Aryan branch of the Indo-European language family. It is most closely related to Marwari. Sindhi, Urdu and Punjabi are also understood by the citizens.


The town is located at 24°74'0N 69°80'0E with an altitude of 28 metres (92 feet),[4] lying 450 kilometres from Karachi and is located in a desert area.In the south there is a famous Kertee village, which is much older than Mithi city.


Mithi has now seen a large increase in development and is considered[by whom?] one of the most developed towns in the surrounding region. A large number of people from all over the district Tharparkar have now moved to the city resulting in a high development rate.[citation needed] It is now considered the heart of Tharparkar District with a high level of economic and social activity.[2]

An official from Thar Coal Mining Authority said that all preparations have been made for the inauguration of the country's mega-project open pit coal mining, which comprises 12 blocks on over 9,600 square km of Tharparkar District. Buried under this land lies an estimated 175 billion tones of coal, the world's 5th largest reserves of coal. The project is expected to improve this region. Mining in Thar's 9,600 kilometre coal fields is gaining momentum after the arrival of experts from China. Almost 3,000 technicians and engineers are expected to arrive on site to help locals in running the heavy machinery and developing open-pit mining. Many roads, preliminary infrastructure and residential complexes for labors are under-construction.[5]


In April 2014, the Government of Sindh announced that it will establish a University of Oxford group and a Cadet College in Mithi, Tharparkar District.[6]


The population of Mithi is over 250,000, according to National Statistics of GMO.

Religions in Mithi
Religion Percent
Distribution of religions


There is a civil hospital in the city and various private medical centers. However, the basic health facilities like medicines and other related products are not available. In addition, patient rights are not being practiced. Hospital administration demands heavy amount against ambulance and other free services, etc.


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