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Miss World Italy

Miss Mondo Italia
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Miss World
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Miss Mondo Italia, or Miss World Italy, is an Italian beauty pageant in Italy that selects the Italian representative for the Miss World pageant. The pageant was first organized in 1954 and it is not related to Miss Italy or Miss Universo Italia, although some delegates have crossed over from one format to the other throughout the years.


While the official winner or 1st Runner-up of Miss Italia represented Italy at the Miss World on a few occasions (from 1959 to 1962, and in 1964 1971 and 1978), the candidate was otherwise selected via castings or independent pageant. The contest gained notoriety in 2000, when winner Giorgia Palmas went on to become the 1st runner-up at Miss World 2000, and found its final incarnation in 2005 as Miss Mondo Italia - La sfida italiana. After a streak of 25 consecutive missed placements from 1974 to 2000, a number of Italian delegates have had strong showings over the last few years: Sofia Bruscoli was a Top 6 finalist in 2005, Giada Pezzaioli made it to the Top 7 in 2010, and Tania Bambaci was a semifinalist in 2011.


Color key
  •      Declared as Winner
  •      Ended as runner-up
  •      Ended as one of the finalists or semifinalists
Year Miss World Italy Region Placement at Miss World
2005 Sofia Bruscoli Emilia-Romagna Top 6
Continental Queen of Europe
Performing Talent (Top 5)
Beach Beauty (Top 19)
2006 Elizaveta Migatcheva Lazio Performing Talent (1st Runner-up)
Best World Dress Designer (Top 20)
Sports and Fitness (Top 24)
Beach Beauty (Top 25)
2007 Giada Wiltshire Emilia-Romagna Performing Talent (Top 20)
Beach Beauty (Top 21)
2008 Claudia Russo Sicily Top Model (Top 32)
2009 Alice Taticchi Umbria Best Dress Designer Award (Top 12)
Top Model (Top 12)
2010 Giada Pezzaioli Lombardy Top 7
Beach Beauty (Top 40)
2011 Tania Bambaci Sicily Top 15
Top Model (1st Runner-up)
Beach Beauty (Top 10)
2012 Jessica Bellinghieri Sicily Beach Beauty (Top 40)
2013 Sarah Baderna Emilia-Romagna Top 20
Top Model (Top 10)
Beach Beauty (Top 11)
Sports and Fitness (Top 20)
2014 Silvia Cataldi Apulia Beach Beauty (Top 10)
Top Model (Top 15)
2015 Greta Galassi Trentino-Alto Adige Top Model (1st Runner-Up)
2016 Giada Tropea Calabria Unplaced
2017 Conny Notarstefano Lazio Top 40
Performing Talent (Top 5)
Sports and Fitness (Top 23)
2018 Nunzia Amato Campania Miss World Top Model (Top 32)
Beauty with a Purpose (Top 25)


Year Miss World Italy Placement at Miss World
2004 Valeria Altobelli Unplaced
2003 Silvia Cannas Unplaced
2002 Susanne Zuber Top 20
2001 Paola d'Antonino Unplaced
2000 Giorgia Palmas 1st Runner-up
1999 Gloria Nicoletti Unplaced
1998 Concetta Travaglini Unplaced
1997 Irene Lippi Unplaced
1996 Mara de Gennaro Unplaced
1995 Rosanna Santoli Unplaced
1994 Arianna Novacco Unplaced
1993 Barbara Chiappini Unplaced
1992 Paola Irrera Unplaced
1991 Sabina Pellati Unplaced
1990 Cristina Gavagnin Unplaced
1989 Paola Mercurio Unplaced
1988 Giulia Gemo Unplaced
1987 Barbara Martinuzzi Unplaced
1986 Enrica Patane Unplaced
1985 Cosetta Antoniolli Unplaced
1984 Federica Tersch Unplaced
1983 Barbara Previato Unplaced
1982 Raffaella del Rosario Unplaced
1981 Marisa Tutone Unplaced
1980 Stefania de Pasquaci Unplaced
1979 Rossana Serratore Unplaced
1978 Loren Mai Unplaced
1976 Antonella Lombrosi Unplaced
1975 Vanna Bortolini Unplaced
1974 Zaira Zoccheddu Unplaced
1973 Marva Bartolucci Top 15
1972 Laura Romano Unplaced
1971 Maria Pinnone Unplaced
1970 Marika de Poi Unplaced
1968 Pia Gianporcaro Unplaced
1967 Tamara Baroni Top 15
1966 Gigliola Carbonara 4th Runner-up
1965 Guya Libraro Unplaced
1964 Mirka Sartori 6th Runner-up
1962 Raffaella da Carolis Unplaced
1961 Franca Cattaneo Unplaced
1960 Layla Rigazzi Top 10
1959 Paola Falchi Unplaced
1958 Elisabetta Velinsky Top 10
1957 Anna Gorassini Unplaced
1956 Angela Portaluri Unplaced
1955 Franca Incorvaia Unplaced
1954 Cristina Fantoni Unplaced


Miss World started in 1951, but Italy send its first delegate, Cristina Fantoni, only in 1954. Italy withdraws three times: in 1963, in 1969 and in 1977. The highest placement from Italian representative was placing by Giorgia Palmas as the 1st Runner-up and awarding as Queen of Europe in 2000.


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