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Miss Tunisie

Miss Tunisie
TypeBeauty pageant
Miss World
Miss International
Official language
Aida Antar
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Miss Tunisie is a national Beauty pageant in Tunisia.


Pascaline Agnes became the first woman from Tunisia to participate in Miss World 1956

Miss Tunisie was held for first time in 1956. The pageant became the national franchise of Miss World in 1956–present, Miss Universe in 1960 - 1971, and Miss International in 1960–present. In 1996, President of Association TEJ - Aida Antar revived the defunct Miss Tunisie contest and is now the official trademark owner.

In 2013, Association TEJ declared to return at Miss World pageant for the first time since 1978. The pageant was held in Jakarta, Indonesia where for the first time the pageant did not allow the bikini session for only that year.[1]


Year Miss Tunisie
1956 Daniele Boublil
1957 Jacqueline Tapia
1958 Denise Orlando
1959 Habiba Bent Abdallah
1960 Marie-Louise Carrigues
1963 Claudine Younes
1964 Dolly Allouche
1965 Zeineb Bent Lamine
1967 Rekaia Dekhil
1968 Zohra Boufaden
1969 Zohra Tabania
1970 Aida Mzali
1971 Souad Keneari
1974 Zohra Kehlifi
1975 Monia Dida
1978 Malek Nemlaghi
1996 Ibticem Lahmar
1998 Najla Kouniali
2000 Leïla Oualha
2002 Amira Thabet
2004 Rym Laalai
2006 Rym Kadri
2008 Khdija Mrabet
2010 Donia Rekik
2013 Hiba Telmoudi
2014 Wahiba Arres
2015 Rawia Djbeli
2016 Meriem Hammami
2017 Emna Abdelhedi[2]
2018 Haifa Ghedir
2019 TBA

International pageants

Miss World Tunisia

Color key
  •      Declared as winner
  •      Ended as runner-up
  •      Ended as one of the finalists or semifinalists
Year Miss World Tunisia Placement Special Awards
1956 Pascaline Agnes Unplaced
1957 Jacqueline Tapia 3rd Runner-up
1958 Denise Orlando Unplaced
1963 Claudine Younes Unplaced
1964 Dolly Allouche Unplaced
1965 Zeineb Bent Lamine Unplaced
1967 Rekaia Dekhil Unplaced
1968 Zohra Boufaden Unplaced
1969 Zohra Tabania Unplaced
1970 Kaltoum Khouildi Unplaced
1971 Souad Keneari Unplaced
1974 Zohra Kehlifi Unplaced
1975 Monia Dida Unplaced
1978 Malek Nemlaghi Unplaced
2013 Hiba Telmoudi Unplaced
2014 Wahiba Arres Unplaced
2015 Maroua Heni Unplaced
2016 Meriem Hammami Unplaced
2017 Emna Abdelhedi Unplaced
2018 Haifa Ghedir Did not compete

Miss International Tunisia

Color key
  •      Declared as Winner
  •      Ended as runner-up
  •      Ended as one of the finalists or semifinalists
Year Miss International Tunisia Placement Special Awards
1960 Habiba Bent Abdallah Unplaced
1969 Rekaia Dekhil Unplaced
1996 Ibticem Lahmar 1st Runner-up
1997 Hajer Radhouene Top 15
1998 Nejla Kouniali Top 15
1999 Leïla Bent Abdesalem Unplaced
2000 Ismahene Lahmar Top 15
2001 Leila Oualha Unplaced
2002 Nihad El-Abdi Unplaced
2003 Amira Thabet Unplaced
2004 Rym Laalai Unplaced
2013 Sondes Zamouri Unplaced
2014 Emma Dhib Unplaced
2015 Wahiba Arres Unplaced
2016 Hima Telmoudi Unplaced
2017 Khaoula Gueye Unplaced
2018 Dorsaf Zouaghi Did not compete


Miss World:

Jacqueline Tapia (3rd Runner-Up) in 1957

Miss International:

Ibticem Lahmar (1st Runner-Up) in 1996

Hajer Radhouene (Top 12) in 1997

Nejla Kouniali (Top 12) in 1998

Ismahene Lahmar (Top 12) in 2000

Miss Universe:

Zeineb Bent Lamine (Did not compete) in 1965

Zohra Boufaden (Miss Congeniality) in 1969

Donia Rekik (Did not compete) in 2010

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