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Miss Namibia

Miss Namibia
Formation 1980
Type Beauty pageant
Headquarters Windhoek
Miss Universe
Miss World
Official language
National Director
Conny Maritz
Website []

Miss Namibia is a national Beauty pageant in Namibia.


The very first Miss Namibia was held in 1980 by Nic Kruger, the founder of the pageant. After that there are three national director: Nic Kruger (1980-1996), Danie Botes (1997-1998) and Conny Maritz (1999-today).


Color key
  •      Declared as Winner
  •      Ended as runner-up
  •      Ended as one of the finalists or semifinalists

The winner of Miss Namibia represents her country at the Miss Universe and Miss World. On occasion, when the winner does not qualify (due to age) for either contest, a runner-up is sent. Sometimes the runner-up will be competing at Miss World pageant.

Year Miss Namibia Hometown Achievement
1980 Bernice Tembo Windhoek Did not compete
1981 Antoinette Knoetze Windhoek
1982 Desere Kotze Windhoek
1983 Astrid Klotzch Windhoek
1984 Peta Harley-Peters Windhoek
1985 Alice Pfeiffer Windhoek Did not compete
1986 Jo-Rina Meyer Windhoek Did not compete
1987 Bianca Pragt Windhoek Did not compete
1988 Caroline du Preez Windhoek Did not compete
1989 Emsie Esterhuizen Windhoek
1990 Ronel Liebenberg Windhoek
1991 Michelle McLean Windhoek Miss Universe 1992, 4th Runner-up at Miss World 1991
1992 Anja Schroeder Windhoek
1993 Barbara Kahatjipara Windhoek Miss Congeniality at Miss Universe 1994
1995 Patricia Burt Windhoek
1996 Faghma Absalom Windhoek
1997 Sheya Shipanga Windhoek
1998 Retha Reinders Windhoek
1999 Vaanda Katjuongua Windhoek
2000 Mia de Klerk Windhoek
2001 Michelle Heita Windhoek
2002 Ndapewa Alfons Windhoek Top 10 at Miss Universe 2003
2003 Petrina Thomas Windhoek
2004 Adele Basson Windhoek
2005 Leefa Shiikwa Windhoek
2006 Anna Svetlana Nashandi Windhoek Top 17 at Miss World 2006
2007 Marichen Luiperth Swakopmund
2008 Marelize Robberts Windhoek Top 32 Top Model at Miss World 2008
2009 Happie Ntelamo Caprivi Top 20 Beach Beauty at Miss World 2009
2010 Odile Gertze[1] Windhoek Top 25 at Miss World 2010
2011 Luzaan van Wyk Windhoek
2012 Tsakana Nkandih Tsumeb
2013 Paulina Malulu Windhoek Top 15 at Miss International 2012
2014 Brumhilda Ochs Windhoek Top 20 Top Model at Miss World 2014
2015 Steffi Van Wyk[2] Windhoek Miss Sport at Miss World 2015
2016 Lizelle Esterhuizen Windhoek
2017 Suné January Rehoboth


  • Miss Namibia 2005, Leefa Shiikwa was stripped of her title after it was disclosed that she was married to an Angolan man.[3]


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