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Miss Lebanon

Miss Lebanon
Formation 1930
Type Beauty pageant
Headquarters Beirut
Miss Universe
Miss World
Miss International
Official language
Rima Fakih

Miss Lebanon (Arabic: ملكة جمال لبنان‎) is the national beauty pageant in Lebanon. The current Miss Lebanon is Maya Reaidy who was crowned on 30 September 2018.


Miss Lebanon has been broadcast on Lebanese Broadcasting Corporation (LBC) since 1995. Starting 2018, it will be broadcast on MTV and its winner will be sent to Miss Universe . It is currently organised by the Lebanese Ministry of Tourism. The pageant has been cancelled a few times due to civil wars, conflicts with Israel and lack of protection for the delegates. The official winner represents Lebanon at the Miss Universe and Miss World pageants. Miss Lebanon Organization awards its winner prizes totalling over $400,000.


Joëlle Behlock, Miss Lebanon 1997
Rosarita Tawil, Miss Lebanon 2008

Every year, the Miss Lebanon pageant takes on a new format with a new number of contestants. The pageant has taken the form of a one night gala, several primes, and even reality television. Below is an outline of the recent years of the pageant's format:

Year Miss Lebanon Contestants Venue
2003 Marie-José Hnein 16 LBC Centre
2004 Nadine Nassib Njeim 16 LBC Centre
2005 Gabrielle Bou Rached 30 Casino du Liban
2007 Nadine Wilson Njeim 18 Casino du Liban
2008 Rosarita Tawil 18 LBC Centre
2009 Martine Andraos 16 LBC Centre
2010 Rahaf Abdallah 16 LBC Centre
2011 Yara Khoury-Mikhael 16 Beirut Souks
2012 Rina Chibany 16 Platea Theatre
2013 Karen Ghrawi 15 Beirut Leisure Centre
2014 Saly Greige 14 Casino du Liban
2015 Valerie Abou Chacra 14 Casino du Liban
2016 Sandy Tabet[1] 15 Casino du Liban
2017 Perla Helou 15 Casino du Liban
2018 Maya Reaidy 30 Forum de Beyrouth


Color key
  •      Declared as Winner

The winner of Miss Lebanon represents her country at the Miss World and Miss Universe pageants. On occasion, when the winner does not qualify (due to age) for either contest, a runner-up is sent. Previously, in some instances the winner has also competed at the Miss International pageant.

Year Miss Lebanon
1930 Leila Zoghbi
1935 Jamila Al Khalil
1952 Leila Saroufim
1953 Hania Beydun
1959 Gladys Tabet
1960 Leila Antaki
1961 Nouhad El Cabbabe
1962 Éléonore Abi Karam
1963 Mona Slim
1964 Nana Barakat
1965 Yolla Georges Harb
1966 Marlène Talih
1967 Sonia Fares
1968 Lilly Bissar
1969 Rola Mayzoub
1970 Georgina Rizk
1971 Odette Naim
1972 Marcelle Herro
1973 Sylvia Ohannessian
1974 Gisèle Hachem
1975 Ramona Karam
1977 Vera Alouane
1978 Katia Fakhry
1979 Jacqueline Daou
1980 Céleste Elias Asal
1981 Suzanne Bou Nader
1982 Dolly Michel Khoury
1983 Sylvia Hobeika
1984 Reine Philip Barakat
1985 Mary Khoury
1986 Gina Issa
1991 Diana Begdache
1992 Nicole Bardawil
1993 Ghada El Turk
1994 Lara Badawi
1995 Dina Azar
1996 Nisrine Sami Naser
1997 Joëlle Behlock
1998 Clémence Achkar
1999 Norma Elias Naoum
2000 Sandra Rizk
2001 Christina Sawaya
2003 Marie-José Hnein
2004 Nadine Nassib Njeim
2005 Gabrielle Bou Rached
2007 Nadine Wilson Njeim
2008 Rosarita Tawil
2009 Martine Andraos
2010 Rahaf Abdallah
2011 Yara Khoury-Mikhael
2012 Rina Chibany
2013 Karen Ghrawi
2014 Sally Greige
2015 Valerie Abou Chacra
2016 Sandy Tabet
2017 Perla Helou
2018 Maya Reaidy

International pageants

The Miss Lebanon winner competes at the Miss Universe and Miss World pageants. On occasion, when the winner does not qualify (due to age) for either contest, a runner-up is sent. Here International pageants under Miss Lebanon Organization; Miss Lebanon and Miss Lebanon Emigrant who will go to Miss International pageant.

Representatives to Miss Universe

Color key
  •      Declared as winner
  •      Ended as runner-up
  •      Ended as one of the finalists or semifinalists
Year Miss Lebanon Placement Special Awards Notes
1955 Hania Beydun Unplaced Miss Lebanon 1953
1960 Gládys Tabet Unplaced Miss Lebanon 1959
1961 Leila Antaki Unplaced Miss Lebanon 1960
1962 Nouhad El Cabbabe Top 15 Miss Lebanon 1961
1966 Yolla Georges Harb Unplaced Miss Lebanon 1965
1968 Sonia Fares Unplaced Miss Lebanon 1968
1970 Georgette Gero Unplaced Designation
1971 Georgina Rizk Miss Universe 1971 Miss Lebanon 1970
1972 Odette Naim Did not compete Miss Lebanon 1971; withdrew, due to personal reasons
1973 Marcèlle Herro Top 12 Miss Lebanon 1972
1974 Laudy Slim Gabache Unplaced Designation
1975 Suad El Nachoul Unplaced Designation
1977 Hyam Saadé Unplaced Best National Costume (2nd Runner-up) Designation
1978 Renée Antoine Seman Unplaced Designation
1983 May Mansour Chahwan Unplaced Designation
1984 Marie Ibrahim Unplaced Designation
1985 Joyce Sahab Unplaced Designation
1986 Reine Philip Barakat Unplaced Designation
1987 Sahar El Haydar Unplaced Designation
1988 Elaine Georges Fakhoury Unplaced Designation
1991 Fida El Chehayeb Unplaced Designation
1992 Abir El Sharrouf Unplaced Designation
1993 Samaya El Chedrawi Unplaced Best National Costume (1st Runner-up) Designation
1996 Julia Syriani Unplaced Miss Universe Lebanon 1995; MTV franchised the Miss Universe license
1997 Dalida Chammai Unplaced Miss Universe Lebanon 1997
1998 Nina Kaddis Unplaced Miss Universe Lebanon 1997 3rd Runner-up; appointed to represent Lebanon after the Miss Universe Lebanon did not happen in 1998
1999 Clémence Achkar Unplaced Best National Costume (2nd Runner-up) Miss Lebanon 1998; LBC franchised the Miss Universe license
2000 Norma Elias Naoum Unplaced Miss Lebanon 1999
2001 Sandra Rizk Unplaced Miss Lebanon 2000
2002 Christina Sawaya Did not compete Miss Lebanon 2001; withdrew after wining Miss International 2002 in Japan
2004 Marie-José Hnein Unplaced Miss Lebanon 2003
2005 Nadine Nassib Njeim Unplaced Miss Lebanon 2004
2006 Gabrielle Bou Rached Unplaced Miss Lebanon 2005
2007 Nadine Wilson Njeim Unplaced Miss Lebanon 2007
2008 Rosarita Tawil Did not compete Miss Lebanon 2008; withdrew at Miss Universe, due to personal reasons
2009 Martine Andraos Unplaced Miss Lebanon 2009
2010 Rahaf Abdallah Unplaced Miss Lebanon 2010
2011 Yara Khoury-Mikhael Unplaced Miss Lebanon 2011
2012 Rina Chibany Unplaced Miss Lebanon 2012; the first twin who won Miss Lebanon in history
2013 Karen Ghrawi Unplaced Miss Lebanon 2013
2014 Saly Greige Unplaced Miss Lebanon 2014
2015 Cynthia Samuel Unplaced Miss Lebanon 2015 1st Runner-up; appointed to represent Lebanon at Miss Universe 2015 by LBC
2016 Sandy Tabet Did not compete Miss Lebanon 2016
2017 Jana Sader Unplaced Miss Lebanon 2017 1st Runner-up; appointed to represent Lebanon at Miss Universe 2017 by MTV Lebanon, after being appointed the new franchise holder for Miss Universe in Lebanon
2018 Maya Reaidy TBD TBD Miss Lebanon 2018

Representatives to Miss World

Color key
  •      Declared as winner
  •      Ended as runner-up
  •      Ended as one of the finalists or semifinalists
Year Miss World Lebanon Placement at Miss World
1960 Gisèle Nicholas Naser Unplaced
1961 Leila Antaki Unplaced
1964 Nana Barakat Unplaced
1965 Yolla Georges Harb Unplaced
1966 Marlène Talih Unplaced
1967 Sonia Fares Unplaced
1969 Rola Mayzoub Unplaced
1970 Georgina Rizk Unplaced
1973 Sylvia Ohannessian Top 15
1974 Gisèle Hachem Unplaced
1975 Ramona Karam Top 15
1977 Vera Alouane Unplaced
1979 Jacqueline Daou Unplaced
1980 Céleste Elias Asal Unplaced
1981 Zeina Joseph Challita Unplaced
1982 May Mansour Chahwan Unplaced
1983 Dochka Abi Nader Unplaced
1984 Elaine Khoury Unplaced
1985 Mary Khoury Unplaced
1986 Mireille Abi Fares Unplaced
1987 Josiane Haddad Unplaced
1988 Sylvia Hobeika Unplaced
1991 Diana Begdache Unplaced
1992 Nicole Bardawil Unplaced
1993 Ghada El Turk Unplaced
1994 Lara Badawi Unplaced
1995 Julia Syriani Unplaced
1996 Nisrine Sami Nasr Unplaced
1997 Joëlle Behlock Top 10
1998 Clémence Achkar Unplaced
1999 Norma Elias Naoum Unplaced
2000 Sandra Rizk Unplaced
2001 Christina Sawaya Unplaced
2002 Bethany Kehdy Unplaced
2003 Marie-José Hnein Top 20
2004 Nadine Nassib Njeim Unplaced
2005 Lamitta Frangieh Beach Beauty (Top 19)
2006 Annabella Hilal Top 17
Best World Dress Designer Award (Top 20)
2007 Nadine Wilson Njeim Beach Beauty (Top 21)
2008 Rosarita Tawil Beach Beauty (Top 10)
Top Model (Top 32)
2009 Martine Andraos Best Talent (Top 22)
2010 Rahaf Abdallah Beach Beauty (Top 40)
2011 Yara Khoury-Mikhael Beauty with A Purpose (Top 30)
2012 Sonia-Lynn Gabriel Top Model (Top 57)
2013 Karen Ghrawi Unplaced
2014 Saly Greige Unplaced
2015 Valerie Abou Chacra Top 5
Best in Interview, People's Choice Award (Top 5)
Top Model (Top 30)
2016 Sandy Tabet Unplaced
2017 Perla Helou Top 40
Winner of Head to Head challenge (Group 19)
Miss Multimedia (Top 5)
People's choice (Top 10)
2018 Mira Al-Toufaily TBD

Miss International

Color key
  •      Declared as winner
  •      Ended as runner-up
  •      Ended as one of the finalists or semifinalists

Started in 2007 the main winner of Miss Lebanon Emigrant under LBC goes to Miss International competition.

Year Miss International Lebanon Placement at Miss International
1960 Juliana Reptsik Unplaced
1962 Éleonore Abi Karam Unplaced
1964 Mona Slim Unplaced
1975 Ramona Karam Unplaced
1977 Katia Fakhry Unplaced
1997 Nisrine Sami Naser Unplaced
1999 Clémence Achkar Unplaced
2000 Sahar El Ghazzawi Unplaced
2002 Christina Sawaya Miss International 2002
2004 Nathalie Nasrallah Unplaced
2007 Grace Beyani Unplaced
2008 Jessica Michelle Kahawaty Top 12
2009 Sarah Barbosa Mansour Unplaced
2010 Daniella Rahmé Unplaced
2011 Maria Farah Top 15
2012 Cynthia Moukarzel Unplaced
2013 Layla Yarak Unplaced
2014 Lia Saad Unplaced
2015 Cynthia Farah Unplaced
2016 Stephanie Karam Unplaced
2017 Dima Safi Unplaced
2018 Rachel Younan TBD

International winners

Grand slam winners

Other pageant winners

  • Miss Mediterranean 1981, Suzanne Bou Nader
  • Mrs. Globe 2000, Claude Attieh
  • Miss Intercontinental 2003, Dominique Hourani
  • Miss Model of the World 2005, Cathérine Abboud
  • Miss Intercontinental 2007, Nancy Afiouni
  • Mrs. Globe 2015, Sylvia Yammine

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