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Miss Kyrgyzstan

Miss Kyrgyzstan
Formation 2009
Type Beauty pageant
Headquarters Bishkek
Miss Universe
Miss World
Miss Earth
Miss International
Miss Intercontinental
Top Model of the World
Official language
Dr. Animesh Baruah

Miss Kyrgyzstan is a national beauty pageant in Kyrgyzstan.


In 2009 the department of beauty and models, Interalliance KG, organized the contest Miss Kyrgyzstan 2009 at the theater of opera and ballet, Bishkek, 12 March 2009. The competition consisted of several stages: cocktail dress, bikini, talent, interview, and evening dress.

Deputy Minister of Culture Information of Kyrgyzstan Mr. Kuluev was invited to award a certificate and a crown to Miss Kyrgyzstan 2011 at the scene. The competition was won by a 24-year-old resident of Bishkek, Nurzhanova Nazira. She was the first delegate from Kyrgyzstan to Miss World. Asel Samakova was chosen to represent Kyrgyzstan in Miss International 2011.

In 2012 the department of beauty and models of Interalliance KG organized the beauty contest Miss Kyrgyzstan 2012. From March 25 to April 26, the contest was held with a long program of charity. After the preliminary rounds, 26 girls from different regions of Kyrgyzstan took part in the finals. The finals of the competition consisted of four stages: out in cocktail dresses / acquaintance, access to the national costume / dance, out in a bikini, out in evening dresses / intelligent response to questions. The title went to Diana Ovganova. Runner-up was Mukambetova Bermet. Because of personal reasons, Diana Ovganova couldn't participate in Miss World 2012.

In 2013 under the program of "Beauty with a Purpose" on May 9, all the participants took part in a charity event. Participants of the beauty contest Miss Kyrgyzstan 2013 visited a Bishkek home for old people. The girls congratulated all the grandparents in a boarding house on Victory Day. They were treated to sweets and presented gifts from the organizers of Miss Kyrgyzstan 2013.

The final was held on 12 May 2013. Miss Kyrgyzstan 2013 was Zhibek Nukeeva, and she participated in Miss World 2013. First runner-up Meerim Erkinbaeva represented her country in Miss International 2013.

In September 2014, Miss Kyrgyzstan 2014 was organized and 20 contestants from every region of Kyrgyzstan were represented. Miss Kyrgyzstan 2014 was Aykol Alikzhanova, who was 24 years old. She represented her country in Miss World 2014 in London. Ealer Aykol Alikzhanova participated in Miss Kyrgyzstan 2011. The first runner-up was Tattububu Ergeshbaeva. Aikol has participated in Miss World 2014 but she did not qualified in top 20.

On 21 July, Miss Kyrgyzstan 2015 was organized by Interalliance KG in partnership with R-Style agency. Pagent was in Saltanat Palace. 18 contestants were taken part.The results are: Miss Kyrgyzstan 2015 - Tattybubu Samidin kyzy, she represented the country in Miss World 2015, the first runner-up was Dayana Kendzhebaeva. Tattybubu Samidin kyzy have partici[pated in Miss World 2015 in Sanya, China, she did not qualified in top 20.

In 2016, Miss Kyrgyzstan was organized by Interalliance KG in Mansion music hall on 21 May 2016. 15 contestants took part. The title of Miss Kyrgyzstan - 2016 have got by 18-year-old Rasulbek-Kyzy Perizat. She represented the country in Miss World 2016. but she did not qualified in top 20.

The annual beauty contest "Miss Kyrgyzstan - 2017" was held on Wednesday evening in one of the capital's restaurants. In total, 17 contestants have participated in it. The winner of the title "Miss Kyrgyzstan - 2017" was annaunced the 19-year-old student Begimai Karybekova The title of the first vice-miss of the jury was handed to Aichurok Mamatemirova, the second vice-miss was Gulzada Islambek kyzy. The prize of audience sympathy was given to Ayperi Melisbek kyzy. Karybekova is a successful model. Prior to that, she represented Kyrgyzstan at the international beauty contest Top Model Of The World - 2016, which, according to her results, was included in the Top-7 beauties. She got the right to advertise Top Model Of The World - 2016 in official promo videos. Later her photographs appeared in the German city of Bremen. After the competition in Germany, Kyrgyzstan was invited to the world beauty contest "Miss Intercontinental 2016", which is considered the third in the world ranking of beauty contests. The event took place last October in Sri Lanka. In this year Begimai Karybekova will participated in Miss World 2017.

Miss Kyrgyzstan World

Color key
  •      Declared as Winner
  •      Ended as runner-up
  •      Ended as one of the finalists or semifinalists

The winner of Miss Kyrgyzstan represents her country at the Miss World. On occasion, when the winner does not qualify (due to age) for either contest, a runner-up is sent. Traditionally there are titles for Winner, Runners-up.

Year Miss Kyrgyzstan World Town Placement Special Awards
2017 Begimay Karybekova Naryn Did not compete
2016 Perizat Rasulbek kyzy Osh Unplaced
2015 Tattybubu Samidin kyzy Osh Unplaced
2014 Aikol Alikzhanova Djalal - Abad Unplaced
2013 Zhibek Nukeeva Talas Unplaced Top 31 Beach Beauty
2012 Diana Avganova Batken Withdrew
2011 Nazira Nurzhanova Bishkek Unplaced

International pageants

Color key
  •      Declared as Winner
  •      Ended as runner-up
  •      Ended as one of the finalists or semifinalists
Year Miss Universe Kyrgyzstan Miss World Kyrgyzstan Miss Earth Kyrgyzstan Miss International Kyrgyzstan Miss Intercontinental Kyrgyzstan
2011 N/A Nazira Nurzhanova N/A Asel Samakova N/A
2012 N/A Diana Ovganova N/A Mukambetova Bermet
2013 N/A Zhibek Nukeeva N/A Meerim Erkinbaeva N/A
2014 Zhibek Nukeeva
Alikzhanova Aikol N/A Tattuububu Ergeshbaeva
2015 N/A Tattybubu Samidin-Kyzy N/A Dayana Kendjebaeva
2016 N/A Perizat Rasulbek-Kyzy Begim Almasbekova
3rd, bronze medalist(s) National Costume (Europe)
Ekaterina Zabolotnova
Begimay Karybekova
2017 Begimay Karybekova Begimay Karybekova
Begimai Nazarova TBA TBA
2018 Begimay Karybekova TBA TBA TBA TBA



In 2013 the general sponsor of the contest Miss Kyrgyzstan 2013 was the pharmaceutical company Ruan Life Sciences.[1] Also sponsoring the contest were the cinema "Russia", mall department store "Aichurek", fitness studio La Bohème, and Golden Dragon Restaurant.

Partners of the beauty contest Miss Kyrgyzstan 2013 were Beauty Michelle, Idol model management, K2 Sports Club, a nightclub Fabric, Restaurant Genacvale and Flowers Florist KG.

Media partners were Evening Bishkek newspaper, TV channel Dolon, Dolon TV +, glossy magazine Bishkekchanka, information agency K NEWS, information sites,,,,,, and information center Infox.

The official photographer of Miss Kyrgyzstan 2013 was Yuri Lysenko.

The official choreographer and director of Miss Kyrgyzstan 2013 was Almazova Baurzhanovna Dayan, who is the Director of fitness studio "La Boheme", the President of Pole Dance Federation of Kyrgyzstan, and a judge of the international category according to the ORTHO (All-Russian Dance Organization) and IDO (International Dance Organization).

All participants were provided with cocktail dresses, designers, and stylists Usen Berdibaev Asan Berdibaev. Evening dresses gave designers, stylists Usen Berdibaev, Asan Berdibaev, Mavlyuda Yusupov and Bakit Beshvaev.


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