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Miss Jordan

Miss Jordan
ملكة جمال الأردن
TypeBeauty pageant
Miss World
Miss Universe
Miss International
Official language
John Halabi
Jihad Magazine[1]

Miss Jordan (Arabic: ملكة جمال الأردن‎) is a national Beauty pageant in Jordan.


Miss Jordan was founded in 1959 and organized by Jihad Magazine under the directorship of John Halabi. It was an annual event held with the patronage of the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities under Minister Ghaleb Barakat. Miss Jordan featured contestants from both Transjordan and West Bank which was at that time under Jordanian administration. Usually, two titles were awarded at the pageant - "Miss Jordan" and the runner-up "Queen of Elegance". From 1959 to 1964, the pageant took place at the Hotel Philadelphia in Amman and was later moved in 1965 to Hotel Panorama in the city of Beit Jala in West Bank.[2] Ufemia Rizk née Jabaji became the first Miss Jordan 1959. The pageant became the national franchisee of Miss World in 1959 and sent the first ever international representative from Jordan to Miss World the same year.[3]

Over the course of its eight-year existence, the winners and runners-up of Miss Jordan competed at Miss World and other international pageants such as Miss International and Miss Universe. Many of the winners of Miss Jordan were Palestinian Christian women. The pageant was held for the last time in 1966. The Arab-Israel war of 1967 led to the cancellation of the event indefinitely and the pageant has not been organized ever since. Subsequently, Jordan withdrew from Miss World and all other major international pageants. Vera Jalil Khamis from Jerusalem was the last Miss Jordan and representative of the country to Miss World 1966 [4]

Vera Jalil Khamis was the last Miss Jordan and representative to Miss World 1966.


Year Miss Jordan Queen of Elegance
1959 Ufemia Jabaji Eriny Emile Sabella
1960 Eriny Emile Sabella Gulnar Tucktuck
1961 information not available
1962 Aida Anis Saba[5] Leila Emile Khadder
1963 Doris Tannous Haj Despo Drakolakis[6]
1964 Katie Barnaba Faizah[7]
1965 Nyla Munir Haddad Marlene Rock[8]
1966 Vera Jalil Khamis

Miss Jordan at international pageants

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Representatives at Miss World

Since 1959, the winner of Miss Jordan competed at Miss World pageant except for some years when Queen of Elegance competed.[9]

Year Miss Jordan Placement City
1966 Vera Jalil Khamis Unplaced Jerusalem
1965 Nyla Munir Haddad Unplaced Amman
1963 Despo Drakolakis Unplaced Bethlehem
1962 Leila Emile Khadder Unplaced Amman
1960 Eriny Emile Sebella Unplaced
1959 Ufemia Jabaji Unplaced Jaffa/Amman

Representatives at Miss International

Since 1960, Jordan also competed on few occasions at the Miss International pageant.[10]

Year Miss Jordan Placement Special awards
1963 Doris Tannous Haj Unplaced
1962 Vivian Nazzal Unplaced
1960 Gulnar Tucktuck Unplaced

Representatives at Miss Universe

Jordan competed at the Miss Universe pageant only once.[11]

Year Miss Jordan Placement Special awards
1960 Helen Giatanapoulus Unplaced