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Miss International China

Miss International China
MottoLove, Peace and Beauty
TypeBeauty pageant
Miss International
Official language
Aiwan Group
WebsiteOfficial website

The Miss International China or well-known as "Miss China International" (traditional Chinese: 國際小姐選美大賽中國賽區; simplified Chinese: 国际小姐选美大赛中国赛区; pinyin: guójì xiǎojiě xuǎnměi dàsài Zhōngguó sàiqū) is an annual national Beauty pageant that selects China's representative to the Miss International pageant.


Miss International China was founded in 2002 by the Ministry of Tourism of the People's Republic of China. Current organization, Aiwan Group is the official Miss China International Franchise holder in China. In 2012 the Chinese representative ranked the Second Runner-up and it was the highest placement from China in Miss International history.[1][2]


Color key
  •      Declared as Winner
  •      Ended as runner-up
  •      Ended as one of the finalists or semifinalists
Year Miss International China Chinese name Province Placement Special Awards Notes
2018 Wang Chaoyuan 王朝源 Guilin Unplaced Miss Visit Japan Tourism Ambassador
2017 Jia Shi 石 佳 Jiangsu Unplaced Miss International China 2017
Wang Shengxu 王晟旭 Shandong Did not compete Due to personal reasons, resigned and a runner-up took over
2016 Xinna Zhou 周欣娜 Beijing Unplaced
2015 Liu Xinyue 劉欣悅 Henan Unplaced
2014 Lisi Wei 威力斯 Inner Mongolia Unplaced
2013 Jin Ying 金 鶯 Beijing Unplaced
2011 Baixue Yuting 白雪玉婷 Henan Unplaced Best Talent
2010 Yuan Siyi 袁思怡 Hubei 2nd Runner-up People's Choice Award
2009 Wang Qian 王 芊 Sichuan Unplaced Miss Friendship
2008 Changwen Liu 劉暢文 Beijing 3rd Runner-up
2007 Ding Lina 丁莉娜 Hebei Unplaced Appointed to be the Charity Ambassador of Hebei Province on September 23 at an awarding ceremony in Shijiazhuang, capital of Hebei Province
2006 Chen Qian 陳 倩 Shanghai Top 12 Miss Compassionate
2005 Yang Li 楊 麗 Shanghai Unplaced Miss Photogenic
2004 Sun Yue 孫 岳 Beijing Top 15 Best National Costume
2003 Wang Shan 王 珊 Shanghai Top 12 Best National Costume
2002 Wei Amy Yan 閻 巍 Shanghai Unplaced Miss Photogenic Miss Model of the World 2002


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