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Miss Aruba

Miss Aruba
Formation 1964
Type Beauty pageant
Headquarters Oranjestad
Miss Universe
Miss World
Official language
Dutch and English
Star Promotion Foundation

Miss Aruba is a national beauty pageant in Aruba.


Under the direction of New Star Promotion Organization since 1992, Aruba has been accumulating positive results, with Taryn Mansell placing as first runner-up in 1996 at Miss Universe and Tamara Scaroni, becoming the first Aruban to receive the Miss Congeniality award in 2000; representatives placing as semifinalists in 1990, 1996, 2002, along with a first runner-up in 2001 at Miss World; and another semifinalist in Miss International 2001, three Best National Costume awards in 2000, 2007, 2008 and a first runner-up placement in 1994 at Miss International. In 2011, the New Star Promotion acquired the franchise for Miss Earth.[1]


Miss Aruba sends candidates to the following international pageants

Big Four international beauty pageants:

Minor international beauty pageant:

Color key
  •      Declared as Winner
  •      Ended as runner-up
  •      Ended as one of the finalists or semifinalists

Miss Universe Aruba

Traditionally the winner of Miss Aruba[citation needed] will represent her country at Miss Universe. On occasion, when the winner does not qualify (due to age) for either contest, a runner-up is sent. In 2012, Miss Aruba for Miss Universe has been selected by separate pageant. In 2013 the format from Miss Aruba winner for the Miss Universe pageant returned.

Year Miss Aruba Placement Special Awards Notes
1964 Lidia Lidwina Henriquez Unplaced
1965 Dorinda Croes Unplaced
1966 Sandra Fang Unplaced
1967 Ivonne Maduro Unplaced
1968 Sandra Croes Unplaced
1969 Jeanette Geerman Unplaced
1970 Linda Annette Richmon Unplaced
1971 Vicenta Vallita Maduro Unplaced
1972 Ivonne Dirksz Unplaced
1973 Monica Ethline Oduber Unplaced
1974 Maureen Ava Vieira 4th Runner-up
1975 Martica Pamela Brown Unplaced
1976 Cynthia Marlene Bruin Unplaced Miss World Aruba 1975
1977 Margaret Eldrid Oduber Unplaced
1978 Margarita Marieta Tromp Unplaced Miss Press
1979 Lugina Liliana Margareta Vilchez Unplaced
1980 Magaly Celestina Maduro Unplaced
1981 Synia Reyes Unplaced
1982 Noriza Antonio Helder Unplaced
1983 Milva Evertz Unplaced
1984 Jacqueline Deborah van Putten Unplaced Miss Aruba International Flower Queen 1984, Miss World Aruba 1985
1985 Margaret Jane Bislick Did not compete
1986 Mildred Jacqueline Semeleer Unplaced
1989 Karina Felix Unplaced
1990 Gwendolyne Charlotte Kwidama Unplaced Miss World Aruba 1990
1992 Yerusha Rasmijn Unplaced
1993 Dyane Escalona Unplaced
1994 Alexandra Ochoa Hincapie Unplaced Miss International 1994 (1st Runner-up), Miss Coffee Aruba 1997
1995 Marie-Denise Herrlein Unplaced
1996 Taryn Scheryl Mansell 1st Runner-up Nuestra Belleza Aruba 1995
1997 Karen-Ann Peterson Unplaced
1998 Wendy Lacle Unplaced
1999 Irina Croes Unplaced
2000 Tamara Scaroni[2] Unplaced Miss Congeniality
2001 Denise Balinge Unplaced
2002 Deyanira Ludwina Frank Unplaced
2003 Malayka Rasmijn Unplaced
2004 Zizi Lee Unplaced Miss World 2001 (1st Runner-up)
2005 Luisana Cicilia Unplaced Miss World Aruba 2004
2006 Melissa Vanessa Laclé Unplaced Miss Earth Aruba 2015
2007 Carolina Raven Unplaced Miss Teen International 1999
2008 Tracey Nicolaas Unplaced
2009 Dianne Croes Unplaced
2010 Priscilla Lee Unplaced
2011 Gillain Berry[3] Unplaced Miss World Aruba 2010
2012 Liza Helder Unplaced Appointed; Miss Universe Aruba 2012 casting winner
2013 Stefanie Evangelista Unplaced
2014 Digene Zimmerman Unplaced Virreina Reina Hispanoamericana 2015
2015 Alysha Boekhoudt Unplaced
2016 Charlene Leslie Unplaced
2017 Alina Mansur Unplaced
2018 Kimberly Julsing TBD TBD Best of The Best Beauty World 2017

Miss World Aruba

Traditionally the 1st Runner-up of Miss Aruba will represent her country at the Miss World. In 2011-2013 the originally winner of Miss Aruba were competed at the pageant instead. In 2014 the format was returned.

Year Miss Aruba Placement Special Awards
1964 Regina Croes Unplaced
1966 Reina Patricia Hernandez Unplaced
1972 Sandra Werleman Unplaced
1973 Edwina Diaz Unplaced
1974 Esther Angeli Luisa Marugg Unplaced
1975 Cynthia Marlene Bruin Unplaced
1976 Maureen Wever Unplaced
1977 Helene Marie Croes Unplaced
1978 Rose Anne Marie Lejuez Unplaced
1979 Vianca van Hoek Unplaced
1980 Ethline Ambrosia Dekker Unplaced
1981 Gerarda Hendrine Jantiene Reopel Unplaced
1982 Noriza Antonia Helder Unplaced
1983 Audrey Bruges Unplaced
1984 Margaret Jane Bislick Unplaced
1985 Jacqueline Deborah van Putten Unplaced
1989 Delailah Odor-Wever Unplaced
1990 Gwendolyne Kwidama Top 10
1991 Sandra Croes Unplaced
1992 Solange Noelle Nicolaas Unplaced
1993 Christina van der Berg Unplaced
1995 Tessa Pieterz Unplaced
1996 Afranina Henriques Top 10 Miss World Caribbean
1997 Michella Laclé Croes Unplaced
1998 Judelca Shahira Briceno Unplaced
1999 Cindy Vanessa Cam Lin Martinus Unplaced
2000 Monique Angelique van der Horn Unplaced
2001 Zizi Lee 1st Runner-up Miss World Caribbean
2002 Rachelle Oduber Top 20 Miss World Caribbean
2003 Nathalie Biermanns Unplaced
2004 Luisana Nikually Cicilia Unplaced
2005 Sarah Carolina Juddan Unplaced
2006 Shanandoa Wijshijer Unplaced
2007 Boyoura Martijn Unplaced
2008 Christina Trejo Unplaced
2009 Nuraisa Lispier Unplaced
2010 Kimberly del Valle Kuiperi Unplaced
2011 Gillain Berry Unplaced Beach Fashion (Top 36)
2012 Lucianette Verhoeks Unplaced
2013 Larisa Leeuwe Top 20 Beauty with a Purpose (Top 10), Sports and Fitness (Top 20), Beach Fashion (Top 33)
2014 Joitza Henriquez Unplaced
2015 Nicole Van Tellingen Unplaced
2016 Lynette do Nascimento Unplaced Miss World Sport (Top 24)
2017 Anouk Eman Unplaced
2018 Nurianne Arias TBD TBD

Miss International Aruba

Between 1994 and 2011 traditionally the 2nd Runner-up of Miss Aruba will represent her country at the Miss International pageant. Nowadays, Miss International Aruba selects by Señorita Aruba Organization.

Year Miss Aruba Placement Special Awards
1994 Alexandra Ochoa Hincapié 1st Runner-up
1995 Yolanda Janssen Unplaced
1996 Julisa Marie Lampe Unplaced
1997 Louisette Mariela Vlinder Unplaced
1998 Anushka Sheritsa Lew Jen Tai Unplaced
1999 Cindy Vanessa Cam Lin Martinus Unplaced
2000 Carolina Francisca Albertsz[4] Unplaced Best National Costume
2001 Daphne Dione Croes Top 15
2002 Jerianne Tiel Unplaced
2003 Falon Juliana Lopez Unplaced
2004 Ysaura Giel Unplaced
2005 Gita van Bochove Unplaced
2006 Luizanne "Zenny" Donata Unplaced
2007 Jonella Oduber[5] Unplaced Best National Costume
2008 Nuraisa Lispier[6] Unplaced Best National Costume
2009 Christina Trejo Unplaced
2010 Ivana Werleman Unplaced
2011 Vivian Chow Unplaced Goodwill Ambassador

Miss Grand International Aruba

Year Contestant Placement Special Awards
2016 Chimay Ramos[7] Unplaced

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