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Miss Antigua & Barbuda

Miss Antigua & Barbuda Organization
Formation 1977
Type Beauty pageant
Headquarters St. John's
Miss Universe
Miss World
Official language
Cliff Williams

Miss Antigua & Barbuda is a national Beauty pageant in Antigua & Barbuda.


Miss Antigua and Barbuda was established in 1977. Currently, the Antigua and Barbuda Festivals Commission and Calvin Southwell are the organizers of the pageant. The winners traditionally represented the island federation at the Miss World and Miss Universe pageants. Antigua and Barbuda debuted in Miss Universe in 1977 and Miss World in 1986.

In 2015 the Miss Antigua & Barbuda returned with Asha Frank.[1] The pageant was organized and promoted by Antigua and Barbuda Festivals Commission and Antigua Carnival.[2]


Year Miss Antigua and Barbuda
1977 Sheryl Ann Gibbons
1979 Elsie Maynard
1986 Karen Rhona Eartha Knowles
1991 Joanne Bird
2001 Janil Lydia-Therese Bird
2002 Aisha Ralph
2003 Kai Davis
2004 Anne-Marie Brown
2005 Shermain Sunja Jeremy
2006 Shari Janay McEwan
2007 Stephanie Winter
2008 Athina James
2015 Asha Frank
2016 Leanda Ann Norville
2017 Ayana Dorsette
2018 TBD

Big Four pageants

Color key
  •      Declared as Winner
  •      Ended as runner-up
  •      Ended as one of the finalists or semifinalists

Miss Antigua and Barbuda Universe

Year Miss Antigua and Barbuda Placement Special Awards
1977 Sheryl Ann Gibbons Unplaced
1979 Elsie Maynard Unplaced
2001 Janil Lydia-Therese Bird Unplaced
2002 Aisha Ralph Unplaced
2003 Kai Davis Unplaced Miss Congeniality
2004 Anne-Marie Brown Unplaced
2005 Shermain Sunja Jeremy Unplaced
2006 Shari Janay McEwan Unplaced
2007 Stephanie Winter Unplaced
2008 Athina James Unplaced

Miss Antigua and Barbuda World

Year Miss Antigua and Barbuda Placement Special Awards
1986 Karen Rhona Eartha Knowles Unplaced
1991 Joanne Bird Unplaced
2001 Janelle Williams Unplaced
2002 Zara Razzaq Unplaced
2003 Anne-Marie Brown Unplaced
2004 Shermain Sunja Jeremy Top 15 Best Talent
2008 Athina James Unplaced
2016 Latisha Greene Unplaced


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