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Mirpur Sakro

Mirpur Sakro (Sindhi: ميرپورساڪرو‎,) is a village located 33 km away from Thatta. while it’s 85 km away from Karachi. Mirpur Sakro is at an altitude height of 35meter, It’s a small area having a population of around 17500 settled in a scattered form and native language spoken here is Sindhi. The most prominent aspects of this village is, it’s connectivity to 88 km long Gharo-Keti Bunder highway and the Sakro Qabrustan (graveyard) which is around 2 km wide located in the middleof the village. As this village has a highway passing through it, transportation is not considered a hectic task for the natives. People of Sakro area usually work in fields and are farmers by profession or they are somehow linked agriculture to support their livelihood. Agriculture is usually carried through irrigation which possible in the area as Mirpur Sakro lies quite close to Sindh River. The landscape of the village comprises long cultivated field. Infrastructure of Sakro is not very advanced as there are usually cob houses while the roads are Kachi (unpaved). There are small health-care centers or personal clinics here. Mirpur sakro also have two government schools of matric level one for boys and one for girls and few private schools like Aga Khan School & TCF. The education of this area is not good. Only 5% students passed intermediate and 0.1% goes to universities for graduation. In inhabitants of Mirpur Sakro the Sindhi tribes and some Baloch tribes are settled here since 3 centuries.Sakro in last few years attracted vast number of investors which cause a huge hike in land price.