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Mir Asadollah Madani

Mir Asadollah Madani
میر اسدالله مدنی
Portrait of Mir Asadollah Madani.jpg
Representative of the Supreme Leader in East Azerbaijan and Imam Jumu'ah of Tabriz
In office
Preceded by Mohammad-Ali Ghazi-Tabatabaei
Succeeded by Moslem Malakouti
Member of Assembly of Experts
Constituency Hamadan Province
Imam Jumu'ah of Hamadan
In office
Personal details
Born 1914
Azarshahr, Iran
Died 1981
Tabriz, Iran
Alma mater Qom Hawza & Najaf Hawza

Mir Asadollah Madani Dehkharghani (Persian: میر اسدالله مدنی دهخوارقانی‎, was born 1914 in Azarshahr, East Azerbaijan — died 1981 in Tabriz, East Azerbaijan) was an Iranian politician, Shia cleric, second imam Jumu'ah for Tabriz and Representative of the Supreme Leader in East Azerbaijan less than one year in the period activity Muslim People's Republic Party in Tabriz. Also Madani was the member of the first term Assembly of Experts from the Hamadan Province electorate. He was Assassinated by People's Mujahedin of Iran, when praying in Tabriz after Mohammad-Ali Ghazi-Tabatabaei.[1]

Memorial of Madani

Political Activity

In 1970 he returned to Iran and opposition to the rule of Mohammad Reza Pahlavi was exiled to Bandar Kangan. He was arrested by SAVAK and was deported several times during the 1961 decade.In such circumstances, he was diagnosed with pulmonary tuberculosis.Examine her medical records and death with the strong possibility of the disease, SAVAK to escape the pressures of the religious spectrum in 1972 banished him to the Valley Moradbeik around Hamedan." [6] After the 1978 Iranian Revolution on behalf of the Assembly of Experts Hamadan, and later was appointed as Friday Imam of Tabriz.[6]


On 11 September 1981, Madani was approached and hugged by an unknown man who pretended to have a question, after Madani had finished Friday Prayer. The attacker then detonated the grenade he had hid under his cloth which led to the death of Ayatollah Madani and three others and injury of 50 people. Madani was killed in Mihrab (praying place)[7] and hence acquired the title "the second martyr of Mihrab", the first one being Ali ibn Abi Talib whom was assassinated while praying in mosque.[8] MEK claimed responsibility for the assassination."[9]


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Political offices
Preceded by
IranMohammad-Ali Ghazi-Tabatabaei
Imam Jumu'ah of Tabriz and Representative of the Supreme Leader
1981- 1981
Succeeded by
Iran Moslem Malakouti