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Midwest Cascade

Midwest Cascade is a neighborhood of Atlanta at the city's far west edge. Together with the tiny neighborhood of Regency Trace it forms NPU Q, the city's fastest growing NPU from 2000 to 2010.[1]


The neighborhood is 602.1 acres (2.437 km2) large and bounded by unincorporated Fulton County on all sides, except for the city of Atlanta's NPU P and its Niskey Lake neighborhood on the south.[2] The unincorporated area to the west is organized as the Sandtown community.

Midwest Cascade is located south of Cascade Road, along Regency Center Drive.[3]


The Atlanta City Council voted to annex Midwest Cascade to the City of Atlanta on September 29, 2006.[4]


The NPU went from 1,024 residents in 2000 to 1,770 in 2010, an increase of 72.9%.[1]

The NPU is 96.5% black (2010 census), the highest proportion of any NPU in the city. Small minorities include whites (1.4%) and Hispanics (1.4%).[1]

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