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Metropolitan Police Academy (Tokyo)

Metropolitan Police Academy in Fuchu, Tokyo

The Metropolitan Police Academy (警察大学校, Keisatsudai gakkō) is the official facility for training members of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department.


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A new 14-story facility was completed in Fuchu City in August 2002.[1][2] It features an indoor swimming pool,[1] and modern dormitories where students are required to reside.[1]

The academy hosted an open house event for the first time in March 2015,[3] offering private seminars, fingerprint collecting and other activities in the hopes of combating the recent decline of applications.[3]


Upon acceptance recruits are enrolled in a training course involving "physical strength, vitality and character building."[1] After completing this training recruits move on to the main curriculum. Graduates of high school, junior colleges, or universities are all welcome to apply; however, university graduates are given a training course of only six months while high school students and junior college students are trained for ten months.[1]


The curriculum includes both general education subjects such as ethics and courses geared for police work such as laws, martial arts (like kendo and judo), and shooting firearms.[1]

Specialized courses offered at the academy include:[4]

  • Criminal investigation/identification
  • International organized crime control
  • Community safety investigation
  • Cybercrime investigation
  • Traffic investigation
  • Crime victim assistance
  • Patrol car officer
  • Police motorcycle officer
  • SP (Security Police)
  • Judo and Kendo instructor training
  • Sign language

There are also courses available for study overseas or other non-academy locations, such as:[4]

  • Computer technology
  • Diving training
  • Automobile mechanic
  • Motorboat operation
  • Aircraft maintenance
  • Police dog training
  • Foreign languages (Including English, Mandarin, Korean, Persian, Tagalog, and Spanish)
  • Bookkeeping
  • First aid

Student life

"The trainees....lead an orderly life at this institute by precisely following daily routines."[1] There are, however, various club activities offered in their down time.[1]


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